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  al7478 15:24 25 Jul 2007

does anyone know in what kind of circumstances progs will be deleted after you have watched them, due to copyright reasons? does it just effect films/sport, or many progs?

does anyone also know if such progs could be transfered to recordable dvd player, or if that is restricted for certain progs? I have tried asking Sky these question to no avail, strangely.

Sorry, ive just realised how badly ive phrased the question, but hopefully someone will know what i mean.

  Giant68 16:44 25 Jul 2007

I don't think they are deleted automatically, they will stay on the disc until you delete them or the disc fills up, then the oldest recordings will be deleted.
As for transferring to a recorder, you can use the copy facility on your planner to transfer to a dvd recorder or vcr.
More info at click here or click here


  al7478 16:49 25 Jul 2007

but i was sure theres some progs that will be deleted after you have watched them, like it r not. I read somewhere that this happens with pay per view stuff (wont affect me), but i wondered if thats the way with any other, more "regular" programming on non premium channels.

  postie24 19:01 25 Jul 2007

As far as i know the progs wont be deleted,you have to delete them manually with the yellow button.

  anchor 10:59 26 Jul 2007

I have no experience with Sky+, or with pay-to-view channels on Sky.

However, any of the normal Sky programmes recorded on my Panasonic HDD recorder remain there until I delete them, and can be watched again.

  al7478 12:12 26 Jul 2007

anchor, but sky would have no jurisdiction over your dvd recorder would they, whereas they maintain control of the features of a sky+ box, despite the fact i own the box. hmmm.

  Kate B 12:39 26 Jul 2007

Are you talking about Sky Anytime? click here Programmes downloaded that way are time-limited, I believe.

  al7478 12:56 26 Jul 2007

but no, im just talking about normal sky+ recordings, but maybe ive got it wrong and theyre more relaxed than i think. I wish i could remember where i got the idea from lol!

im not really turned on by the idea of sky anytime, i think id rather have all the hard drive to record onto.

But then i havent been able to fully explore sky+ features yet, as, 24 hours after it was installed, the recording, pausing etc still arent working, after 3 calls to sky.

  Tim1964 23:47 26 Jul 2007

when you record a pay-per-view movie from Sky Box Office as opposed to the 'normal' movie channels, you do not pay for the film until you start to watch it. You then have 24hrs to view it as often as you like. After the 24hrs the film is automatically deleted. Also, these movies cannot (easily/if at all) be copied to a DVD recorder unlike the standard movies.

I had a PPV movie from Sky Box Office that was auto deleted before the time limit so I called Sky and I re-recorded the film to view again without charge.

  Fellsider 22:50 27 Jul 2007

....these movies cannot (easily/if at all) be copied to a DVD recorder unlike the standard movies....

If you record it when you watch it it should work, then if you don't require it you can always delete it.

  laurie53 08:31 28 Jul 2007

I have had two Sky+ boxes for several years - I have never had a programme deleted from either without some input from me.

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