Sky box green screen?

  realist 19:05 27 Nov 2006

Our sky box has crashed twice today to a blank green screen, does this mean the end is nigh?

  postie24 16:52 28 Nov 2006

When watching analogue tv stations,does the tv screen go green then?

  realist 17:55 28 Nov 2006

No, we never watch analogue.... reception is not good enough

  postie24 18:39 28 Nov 2006

If you do switch to analogue is the screen green?

  realist 18:49 28 Nov 2006

The signal just drops out to a blank green screen when digital is showing, I suppose it could have gone back to analogue by itself?

  postie24 19:49 28 Nov 2006

If its the tv set thats playing up the problem is the green bios transistor has failed or the green gun has shorted out.Can be fixed at a local tv repair shop.

  realist 20:43 28 Nov 2006

Many thanks for your interest and help postie24...

  BRYNIT 21:20 28 Nov 2006

If it is connected Via A scart lead have you checked that the lead is secure.

  rodriguez 01:54 29 Nov 2006

Best way to test if it's the TV or Sky box is to tune it to an analogue channel (doesn't matter if you use the analogue or not) or play a video tape to see if it's green on that. I've heard of some Sky+ boxes developing a solid green screen (can only see green, no picture at all) and some have vertical lines. Usually Amstrad boxes, but occasionally Pace. If it turns out to be the box, call Sky and arrange for a replacement to be installed. I'm on my 3rd Sky+ box in 18 months, could be a 4th before the year's out as this one keeps crashing (same as the 2 before it).

  dms05 09:53 30 Nov 2006

You might like to try reinstalling the STB firmware. It's well documented in the handbook that comes with their receivers. Something like - unplug for 10 minutes, reinert plug whilst holding the backup button on the STB, watch screen for text saying leave for 10 minutes. But check before you try!

I once had a Green Screen with BBCi but it had text reporting an error. Likewise I've had a red screen.

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