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  LimestoneRock 12:40 11 Sep 2007

I have been reading the various threads that have come up on the Search facility but I still remain a little uncertain about a couple of aspects, which hopefully some of you may be able to explain. The latest advert from Sky confirms that Sky+ is now without its monthly subscription and the set up fee is £30 unless there is a subscription to Multiroom. My set up at home is such that I can watch all terrestrial and Sky programmes from any TV set in any room - this was set up by an aerial company when I moved into my home - so I wonder whether acquiring a Sky+ box to replace my ordinary Sky box might upset this arrangement. Secondly, I subscribe to the Sky full package of programmes and so can you confirm if I had Sky+ that I could watch/record Sky Sports 1,say, and at the same time record Sky Sports 2 or Sky Premier. Sorry to go on but my third point concerns my existing DVD recorder. I have a Panasonic DMR ES10 which records on DVD+/-R & DVD RAM ie not a hard disk - do I need to be aware of any technical aspects that might prevent the continued use of the Panasonic in addition to the Sky+ box?

  holme 17:17 11 Sep 2007

Can't answer Q1 or Q2 but, in answer to Q3, AFAIK there will be no difference.

But if it's a DIY change from Sky to Sky+, don't forget to configure the Sky+ box to output high-quality RGB video (for viewing and/or recording), otherwise it will default to the lesser-quality Composite video. HTH.

  LimestoneRock 17:44 11 Sep 2007

Thanks holme - it will not be DIY!

  Rigga 17:56 11 Sep 2007

Q1. Assuming you are using the RF2 of your current Sky box to watch programmes in other rooms, the Sky+ box will make no difference, as it is also supplied with an RF2 output.

Q2. Yes that's exactly what Sky+ is designed for, it contains two decoders, so you can watch and record two different sky programmes.

To be honest since getting Sky plus, we use it mainly to skip adverts. i.e. if a programme starts at 9.00pm then we start it recording, and do something else until around 9.20pm then start watching the programme on Sky+, our recorded version ends around the same time as the real one, but we can fast forward the adverts.


  LimestoneRock 19:45 11 Sep 2007

Thanks very much Rigga. Yes I think it is RF2 to which a splitter is attached and this I assume, with the equipment in the loft, enables Sky to be watched in the other rooms. I am not 100% on this though!

  Stan6 23:07 12 Sep 2007

Q2 i just have to point out that if you record two things at the 1 time you have to keep the sky on one of the channels you are recording as you only get two airiel feeds into the sky box which means you only get two signals, any other probs just let me know as i work for them, also if you get a new sky + box you will also recieve sky anytime for free which allows you to watch additional programmes which are added onto an additional hard drive, this does not affect your recording capacity or harddrive space.

  LimestoneRock 09:51 13 Sep 2007

Thanks Stan6. Could you just answer one other question please; is it possible just to watch two Sky programs, as opposed to watch one record one or record two,without having to get Multiroom given my aerial setup?

  Rigga 11:30 13 Sep 2007

The RF2 output will only output the currently showing program. So unfortunately no, you cannot watch two programs on separate TV's, given your aerial setup unless you have multiroom.

HTh. R.

  LimestoneRock 14:39 13 Sep 2007

Thanks again.

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