SHDC Cards - How much

  ventanas 14:41 07 May 2008

can fit on them. I'm thinking of buying a camcorder with an internal hdd that will also take these cards. I just wondered how much they will hold in terms of time. I appreciate that it will probably vary with quality, but I suspect that in any event, if sound is being recorded as well, then the length will be pitifully short. Therefore I am wondering if its worth it.
Grateful for any advice.

  ventanas 14:42 07 May 2008

Sorry, should be SDHC

  anchor 16:52 07 May 2008

I have no personal knowledge of your camera, but in the case of the Panasonic, I have read on one site that using the SP setting, you get approximately 50 mins recording on a 4GB SDHC card.

Another site said, Recording in MPEG2 format you can record one hour 40 minutes of footage on a 4GB card (704x480, SP mode, 30 fps).

Take your choice.

I don`t know what the maximum card size permitted for your camera, but again with the Panasonic, you can certainly use a 16Gb card.

  ventanas 22:03 07 May 2008

Thanks anchor. I've been doing a bit of research and came up with just the same, which did quite amaze me.
It is a Panasonic that I have in mind, and it does seem to be worth getting a card. Thanks again.

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