Sharp LCD TV problems

  BrianW 19:06 16 Jun 2007

I've had my Sharp Aquos 32 inch TV for about 8 months now and it has become inoperable. After a series of picture break up episodes it now won't even switch on. (And I have checked fuses, switches etc)

I've been in touch with Comet under the guarantee and they have put me on to Sharp who, without even seeing the set they tell me they don't have the necessary spares to repair the it and can't tell me when they will have them! (made me wonder if this was such a common failure that they already know what the problem is?)

So, a couple of queries:

- has anyone else had similar problems with a Sharp Aquos LCD TV?

- what's the time they can keep me hanging on without a repair before a replacement TV becomes due under the Sale of Goods Act, Fitness for Purpose? (I think it may be 28 days but can't find confirmation)

All input gratefully received


  Stuartli 21:35 16 Jun 2007

The picture breakup is either down to signal strength (especially with ITV related and, occasionally, Sky channels) or the fact that one particular brand of tuner chipset has caused problems, because of the two different type of transmissions on Freeview (16QAM and 64QAM).

It has been experienced country wide, but the older ON?ITVDigital set top boxes are not affected as they use a different chipset.

  BrianW 22:13 16 Jun 2007

thanks Stuart, not in this case. I recognise signal break up, this was more like a major short in the video ciruitry! Switching off at the mains seemed to reset the system a few times but as I said, in the end I was left with nothing working and a set that wouldn't even switch on.

(Out of interest I had the same problem on three different input channels, standard analogue, Freeview and NTL cable, through three different circuits (two internal tuners + and HDMI feed)

  Stuartli 00:10 17 Jun 2007

Tell Comet you want a replacement immediately as the set is not of merchantable quality and you cannot obtain any reliable estimates as to when or if it will be repaired.

If you have any problems with Comet and bought the TV using a credit card, then get onto the CC company as soon as possible, explain the situation and seek a refund.

  BrianW 14:51 17 Jun 2007

Thanks Stuart. I'm compiling a folder of information "To help them understand my Consumer Rights" at the moment.

Hopefully I wont end up having to go to the Small Claims Court.

  David4637 13:30 18 Jun 2007

Your contract is with COMET NOT SHARP. Take the TV back to Comet and ask for a NEW replacement TV ASAP. Make sure you write down the spec of the TV you return, so you ensure the replacement is the same or better. David

  BrianW 13:55 18 Jun 2007

thanks David - I knew the contract position but its a helpful reinforcement.

I went to Comet this morning and I must say (so far) I've been most impressed with their improved customer response.

The lass I talked to was clued up regarding the repair or replace situation (and they had a large poster on the wall with the relevant information). She is due to call me back this afternoon with an action plan which will either set up a service appointment or to organise a replacement.

I found it interesting that she told me Sharp was the only manufacturer they were unable to carry out service / repair work on.

Anyway - I await the outcome with interest

  Stuartli 14:03 18 Jun 2007

I made that point very clearly at 00:10 on Sunday.

  BrianW 19:34 29 Jun 2007

Problem resolved, score board:

Comet 10 points, Sharp Null Point.

I couldn't have been more impressed with Comet who have been helpful and positive all through, there certainly has been a change in their customer service culture.

Sharp on the other hand were just about as bad as they could be. It turns out there is a known fault with the set and they have "Many" customers waiting for the necessary spare parts to repair it. Unfortunately the have no idea when (if ever?) they will get the spares and when I pushed one Customer Service person on the issue I was informed "It's not my problem".

Anyway as I say - problem solved - Comet gave me the full purchase price as a refund (not needed according to my reading of the SOG Act) and even refunded my delivery fee associted with the original set.

I now have a new 32" Sony Bravia V which was going for about £400 more than the Sharp at the time a purchased it. Isn't it great how fast prices drop with time! :)

  kttnchaos 22:43 10 Jul 2007

Sharp has the worst customer service I have EVER encountered. Mine was brand new, got delivered and had a stripe right down the middle. They told me they'd return my call and follow up with sending atechnician out, never did. I had to call them over and over... Finally got a tech out, he replaced the part they thought it was and it didn't fix the problem. The tech company said they'd call Sharp and find out what happens.
2 weeks later I call Sharp to find out, they just sent my case "upstairs" for review 5 days ago. I get transferred to that dept. and the lady says they're gonna send out a new one and pick up the old. I told her Im not taking anymore time off of work to wait for their trucks to deliver anything, they can schedule around me.

She then asked me a my credit card number to ensure the defective unit was picked up. WELL let me think! I don't get the new one til the old one is picked up! Why would I give my credit card number if I don't even see the new one? What if the trucking company decides to lose the TV or keep it? Im not paying for a TV taht doesnt work and I dont even have!

Absolutely horrendous. I am contacting Amazon, who I bought it through, hopefully they resolve the problem or Im reversing paying for the product. 2 and a half months this has been going on!

  Stuartli 11:27 11 Jul 2007

I think you will find that Amazon will come up trumps judging by my experiences with one of the best online retailers around.

About two-and-a-half years ago I bought a £250 set of Logitech speakers on behalf of one of the offspring, which came with a two year warranty.

After about 18 months of use they became faulty and the offspring followed all Logitech's advice to no avail.

So I contacted Amazon. I was immediately given an RMA number, returned the speakers by courier as requested and, within a few days, had the full purchase price of the speakers refunded, along with the cost of returning the speakers.

You can't beat service like that and all without the slightest quibble.

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