Sharp lc37sd1e,colour problem,white is now pink?

  sampson3030 22:10 16 Feb 2009

hi all,this is my first post on this site.
i have developed a problem with my lcd tv an was wondering if anyone else has or has heard of this kind of problem before as after searching the web i cant find any info what so ever.the problem accured yesterday,basicly anything very bright white or reflective(ie,sky,water or reflections)
is no longer white but pink!!!i was watching the tv in the mornig an it was fine,when i switched it on in the afternoon it sudenly had this issue?
i thought at first it might be the signal(anologe)
but adjusting the arial had no effect so i tryed the hdmi (connected to my pc) an it was even worse so it must be the Tv.the only solution i have figured out was to turn the contrast right down to zero an up the brightness an back light to full.which doesn't elinate the issue but its just about watchable but very washed out an grainy looking and very pale.the tv is out of warrenty(purchesed on 29/05/07)
do you think it is dead or can these lcd's be serviced in any way?or is there a part i could purchase and have an engenere install?i realy have no idea so any help would be realy REALY apreciated!!it cost me £600 an as im now unemployed i would be realy gutted if its a total write if any one can help or advise me on this i would be over the moon! thanks very much for reading this an i wait with baited breath for any responce!Sam

  oresome 16:13 17 Feb 2009

If the displayed picture is incorrect from the internal TV tuner, the TV has a fault and will need an engineer to correct it.

If the display is only wrong from an external device connected via a scart lead, it will be a poor connection on one or others ends of the scart lead. Remove and reinsert the lead a few times to clean the connection.

  rick808 23:28 18 Feb 2009

i fixed the exact same problem on my Dad's telly last week. Not got the details to hand at the moment but I had to go into the hidden service menu to fix it.
Will have a quick search and see if I can find the instructions on what to do.........

  rick808 23:43 18 Feb 2009

Right found it...
To enter service mode
1 Switch to standby then unplug from mains
2 Press and hold V- and input buttons on front panel while plugging in and switching on
3 Now the letter K should be displayed
4 Press and hold V- and P- buttons to enter service mode
This took me a couple of goes to get right but got there in the end!

I'm a bit hazy on the exact details but you need to scroll down to the settings labeled something like clear EEP (or poss EEB cant rem exactly! - there's only 2 with EE at the start) and clear both of these.
Be aware that entering the Service Mode invalidates any warrenty and DO NOT change any other settings as you could render your tv unusable!
Good luck & hope it works for you!

  rick808 23:49 18 Feb 2009

Forgot to say you will need to retune your channels after you have done the above as it will reset them

  Stuartli 00:14 19 Feb 2009

But this sequence might not apply to a Sharp TV...

  rick808 00:16 19 Feb 2009

Sorry should of stated it was the exact same model number TV just a 32 inch not 37.....

  Stuartli 00:22 19 Feb 2009

Fair enough.

But it can't be "..the exact same model number TV" - it will be an LC32SD1E..:-)

  rick808 00:27 19 Feb 2009

the model number is actually SD1E but hey it matters not...... ;)

  sampson3030 18:08 19 Feb 2009

hey rick,thanks very very much for the information! i havent tried it out yet(im a bit nervous of totaly killin my tv!) but it has allowed me to reserch into this issue more thouraghly,by googleing sharp service mode!
im yet to find specific instructions for the lc-37sd1e,but ive found a few things relevent to it.
if you remember exactly what you did or how you went about finding such information id be very gratefull to hear it as im not going to try it out untill i find out exatly how to do it as like i said it cost me £600! an im unemployed right now so if i flop it im up the preverbial creek so to speek! but thanks a buch for bothering to post the info you have,its been very helpfull an given me hope that i may be able to fix this frustrating issue! your a gent!all the best,Sam

an if i sort it out all credit will be to you sir!

  rick808 18:32 19 Feb 2009

Hi Sam, I can understand not being sure about trying it out but just getting into the service menu and not touching anything will do no harm to the tv and you can then see how confident you're feeling once you are in there.

If you do give it a go just use the navigation button on the remote to scroll down to the settings I mentioned (you will need to go thro 2 or 3 screens to get there) and either press the centre navigation button or press right I can't remember which and that will clear the setting.

This is the page I found with the fix on - click here

I'm sure it's a euro model they are talking about because it calls the settings needed to be cleared the eeb settings and on my dad's tv they were labeled eep.

Sorry the link doesn't provide alot of info but it was all I could find but so glad i tried it as I saved my dad alot of money as he was convinced it was knackered for good.

Anyhow, good luck and let me know how you get on

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