Setting up a free wifi hotspot

  armand 16:11 08 Feb 2006

I want to set up a free wifi hotspot at my business. Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive (under £200?), router/system that I could use. Here are a few of the considerations;
1. Only one point needed. Would cover all public areas.
2. I need to maintain some kind of control re bandwidth allocation. To avoid one person spending all day downloading music or whatever, and using up all the space.
3. Ideally a system that issued a password/ticket would be best. Timed if possible.
4. Would run off an existing sdsl line.

Any advice/recommendations gratefully received. I really don't want to go down the Cloud route, which seems very expensive for the user to me.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:20 08 Feb 2006

click here is an interesting read

  armand 16:35 08 Feb 2006

Very interesting that. Will need to study it in depth.Any experience of it?

  karenWIFIguru 11:48 30 May 2007

You might be interested in <a href="click here" title="PolkaSpots WiFi Hotspots">click here;/a>

They have a subscription service but also sell their boxes.

We have a couple of hotspots with them and so far have not had any problems, just an amazing set of features.

  futurist 11:10 17 Jul 2008

click here provide a simple low cost WiFi hotspot solution. That's self contained on a single router. It includes bandwidth allocation and would cost less than £200.

Captive portal Wifi hotspot management - click here

  redStorm11 22:58 26 Feb 2009

I just ordered a free wifi box from Polkaspots for my cafe. Its simple to plug in and you don't have any vouchers to worry about. Keeps me competitive with the chains :-)

  karenWIFIguru 19:49 07 Mar 2009

Hi, I have a Polkaspots free wifi hotspot. Installed it last week - went in in about 2 minutes, nothing to do apart from connect it and turn it on.

My customers seem to like it and they dont need to enter a voucher to get on.

I dont have to buy anything ongoing either. I think the box was £100.

click here

  Wifiguru-uk 13:18 22 Jul 2009

If you still need to offer Wifi Hotspot access
Check out Zonerider

click here

  DieSse 19:27 22 Jul 2009

Look at Fon click here

  mpwh 11:01 04 Feb 2010

try EasyHotspot, it's a free opensource Wifi billing system.

[link]click here[/link]

  xmam 00:00 11 Feb 2010

Hello everybody,

I have found a very competitive service for wifi hotspot.
If you could be interested have a look to [link]click here[/link]


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