set top box with pvr - am I asking the impossible?

  awest3 16:33 26 Jan 2009

I have recently installed a SKY+ HD box.

In another room I have a Toshiba non digital TV and a sony 160 Gb hdd /dvd recorder.

My question is can I get a set top box (freeview) with a built in PVR which does not include a hard disk drive. i.e. use it with my existing hdd/dvd recorder.


  BT 17:20 26 Jan 2009

A PVR is normally a device which includes a Hard drive. Any basic Freeview box will connect to your old Hdd/DVD recorder.

  awest3 17:24 26 Jan 2009

Hi BT,

I'm looking for a freeview box with a PVR but no hard drive....I'm assuming a freeview box does not have a PVR as standard.....?

Thanks for your help...

  anskyber 18:10 26 Jan 2009

They do not exist. A PVR by definition has a hard drive, where else do you think it records to?

If you want to use your HDD then just get a standard Freeview box and connect it usually by a scart to the HDD.

  awest3 18:43 26 Jan 2009


I fear I'm not explaining myself very well. I have a sony hdd/dvd recorder which I would like to be able to use to record programs in much the same way as I do with my SKY+ box.
At the moment I believe, if I attach a freeview box I could set up to record programs but only manually... i.e. by inputing the start and end time rather than just clicking on the programme guide and it automatically recording.

If they do this then problem solved.

I used to have a little PVR gadget (went between the TV and VHS scart plugs) which I used successfully on my old VHS recorder..but lost it along the way.

Thanks for your help


  awest3 18:53 26 Jan 2009

The gadget was called a "blue delta Phantom PVR"

Can't find any site with any stock so presume its no longer made.

  awest3 19:04 26 Jan 2009

having remembered the name, it seems they now make the phantom plus which does the same thing for DVD I think I've answered my own question...I do think that the name PVR may be a bit of a misnomer as previously pointed out...

click here

  awest3 19:08 26 Jan 2009

An even better site with a review and 'how to' section..

at £19.95 not bad..
click here

  oresome 20:32 26 Jan 2009

You've answered your own query and it looks a useful and well priced device for anyone who's already got a recorder that's too good to discard.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:52 30 Jan 2009

I use a cheap Technika twin scart freeview box (Tesco) with an old DVD recorder.
It has a timer which you set and it will then switch to the appropriate channel at and for the time specified.

Setting the DVD recorder to record from scart at the same time allows me to record any freeview channel to DVD

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