lorryh 22:51 02 Jan 2008

I have a Wharfedale DVD Recorder DVDR24HD160F with internal freeview. It is less than a month old and has been working perfectly until I inadvertently pressed "HDMI" on the remote control. It is connected to a Sony Trinitron Digital TV (KD28DL11U). The DVD recorder no longer displays a picture on the TV although there is sound - so I cannot even view the setup menu. This applies whether I select the HDD or DVD option. I have contacted the manufacturers helpline and have been told there is nothing I can do apart from trying to connect the machine to an HD ready tv with an HDMI cable which will possibly enable me to view the setup menu again and restore the DVD recorder settings or I am to return the machine to the shop for a replacement. I am desperate for a solution as the hard drive contains footage of my children. Apparently the HDMI option should be locked when installing the recorder for the first time. I cannot believe I am the only person to have made this mistake! Any suggestions gratefully received.(PS I have tried disconnecting the machine from the tv)

  BRYNIT 10:06 03 Jan 2008

If purchased from a shop you could take it back explain the problem and ask if they could connect it to a tv and switch it back.

  lorryh 12:21 03 Jan 2008

Thanks for the idea - I purchased the recorder from Argos so could be difficult. Friends have HD TVs but no HDMI cable - I could buy the cable and then try setting the recorder up on their tv but am a bit wary that their set up may have to be disconnected and it could cause problems for them! There is no guarantee that this is even going to work - it seemed to be a last ditch suggestion by the tech support line.

  anskyber 14:11 03 Jan 2008

Some machines, but maybe not yours, still display the set up if connected via a composite lead.

  impact 14:29 03 Jan 2008

Does your machine allow you to restore to factory settings in menu? if so you could try that if there is nothing on your HHD that you need to keep.

  anchor 15:44 03 Jan 2008

The best solution is to contact the dedicated Wharfdale support line for items purchased from Argos.

click here

"If you purchased your products from either Argos or Homebase, the technical help line is 0845 6040105"

  anchor 16:01 03 Jan 2008

Having re-read you initial post, I find it almost impossible to believe the information you were given; (i.e: there is nothing you can do).

Get on to them again; OR try the phone numbers on this page, and insist on speaking to a senior technical person:

click here

  anchor 16:07 03 Jan 2008

If telephone support fails, write recorded delivery to their UK registered office;

Wharfedale International Ltd.,
IAG House,
Sovereign Court,
Ermine Business Park,
Huntingdon, Cambs PE29

(mark your letter for the attention of the Chief Executive Officer).

I feel sure there must be a way of solving this.

  anchor 16:08 03 Jan 2008

Their full post code is:

PE29 6XU

  lorryh 20:24 03 Jan 2008

Thank you for your responses. After reading BRYNIT's message about returning the machine to the shop for them to connect it to an HD set up I did contact Argos who were no help at all. I then contacted a local TV/DVD repair/sales and took the machine to them. When I explained how I had pressed the HDMI button on the remote they said they had come across this problem before where people had an HD ready DVD but not TV and had switched their DVD to HD mode.
They didn't require payment for their advice either!

THIS IS THE SOLUTION: (I tested it when I got the machine back home)

If you press HDMI button on remote you get a blank screen (but the DVD still has sound)
Press it again and nothing appears to happen (although apparently the DVD is switching to another mode)
Press the button yet again and WAIT (I counted to 10!) then the DVD reverts back to AV or whatever you call "normal" tv and everything is OK again! (on some models you might have to press the HDMI button a fourth time but the message is to wait a bit for the DVD introductory screen to appear - it does not happen instantly)

So thank you. I feel that the instructions provided with the machine are not clear in this regard and I am less than happy with the response from the Wharfedale Tech line so will be writing to the address you have provided.

  anchor 09:38 04 Jan 2008

Glad it is resolved. So often the instructions are inadequate.

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