Selecting a HD standard monitor for gaming

  avadragondl 15:42 14 Apr 2009

Hey my first post here so forgive if its in the wrong area. What I'm looking for is a new monitor to go with my new PC. If its worth noting, my current graphics card is an ATi Radeon HD 4850.

An absolute requirement is that it will allow for not only my pc but my xbox (& ps3) to connect to it and the monitor must be of full HD standard. TV too will be a nice little bonus but I never watch TV anyway. XD BTW since the monitor will be HD...will it affect the ability to play Xbox 360 games on it without its HD addon?

My budget: £200 (but will go higher if need be)

Minimum Specs: LCD screen, 24" (but may settle for 22"), 1920x1080 resolution, 20,000:1 contrast ratio, 300cd/m2 brightness, 5ms response time (would prefer 2ms tho :))

In all the monitor specs I've come across...I've seen under connectivity abbreviations such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc which I don't have a clue what it means I can connect to it. If someone can tell me what type of connectivity and/or converter I'd need to hook up the 360 to the monitor that would help.

Purpose of this post is to find which monitor I should buy. So far I've found these but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable in this area can find better:

#1: click here
#2: click here=
#3: click here
#4: click here (23.6" but close enough lol)

Any help will be appreicated. Thanks,

  avadragondl 21:35 14 Apr 2009

Okay after more in-depth researching and looking around...I've found for the Xbox 360 to work on the monitor I need one of these: click here|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1308 (VGA cable for the 360) only £4 which is like nothing. :) I've found a monitor for £230 which has HDMI, DVI and VGA so that should cover everything...and an ultra fast 2ms refresh rate. :D

Lets hope it works with my 5.1 channel speaker system. (Logitech X-540)

  OTT_Buzzard 23:52 14 Apr 2009

the advertised response times are usually G2G (grey to grey) which is pretty much meaningless.

What does count is the bit depth and available resolutions.

Again the advertised contrast ratios are usually dynamic contrast ratios, which for raidly moving images are meaningless (i.e. watching films or gaming).

Will see if i can find a good guide for this. Don't buy just yet!

  avadragondl 00:03 15 Apr 2009

Aight I'll hold, I was fixing to have ordered my monitor by friday with the PC.

Here's the monitor I'm looking at right now: click here

I haven't found many other monitors with HDMI, DVI and VGA slots all-in-one. There's some good feedback on it too. :)

  OTT_Buzzard 00:28 15 Apr 2009

click here for a good site for tech details about monitors

You're right though - reviews are the way forward if they're from professional review sites, not users just saying thoer monitor is great with no proper baseline to work to!

I guess, as with most things PC related, the advertised specs mean very little. In the words of HP; the DPI of a printer doesn't matter, it's what you do with them that counts!

  D@ve 00:39 15 Apr 2009

A quick explanation of the different types of inputs:

VGA - an analogue connection used mainly by computers

DVI - a digital connection used mainly by computers (better than VGA)

HDMI - a digital connection used mainly by home entertainment devices such as DVD players, Blu Ray players, PVRs and gaming consoles (so no need to buy a VGA cable for your Xbox 360).

  avadragondl 02:37 15 Apr 2009

Thx Dave thats the best answer to my confusion on monitor connectivity yet. :D But so I'm fully sure...I don't need any extra cables to connect my 360 via HDMI? I just need the xbox-to-tv cable that came with it upon purchase?

And ya I believe that the 2ms response time is G2G. This is a better website for the specification of that monitor I found on Amazon: click here And hey its cheaper on here. XD ...only its out of stock.

& Buzzard I've read a handful of paragraphs on that website, I never expected there to be so many aspects of a monitor to lookout for...rather headachey! Still, the one I'm looking at is rather nice...if you think I should get a different monitor though I'm happy to see what you'd recommend..taking into account it needs to be able to work with my 360 too and the £200-ish budget and 24" :)

I'm glad I found this site its been most helpful; thank you all !

  D@ve 01:31 17 Apr 2009

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

But yes, the HDMI cable that you use to connect your Xbox to a TV is all you need to connect it to a monitor with an HDMI input.

  D@ve 01:33 17 Apr 2009

it came with an HDMI cable! You will not be able to use a scart cable or a component / RCA cable.

  avadragondl 02:04 17 Apr 2009

Its cool, haven't purchased the monitor yet (most likely I will tomorrow) but there's a slight problem. I have an old version of the 360 (non-HDMI). I'll have to go with the VGA option which looks extremely simple.

Luckily that monitor has VGA, DVI and HDMI connections, it covers everything aye? hehe And I got a 5.1 channel surround sound system I can use too.

Maybe I'll just get a PS3 for Xmas too...Microsoft sux with their ridiculous pricing. I can't even get a wireless router for my 360 bcoz too expensive. >_< A Premium 360 + Wireless Adapter = PS3 price. Then theres a membership fee for online play...and wow have you seen the price on the Xbox HD player?..when all PS3's have Blu-ray, built-in Wi-Fi and free online gaming. Still, the PS3 looks like a BBQ. lol

  OTT_Buzzard 10:23 17 Apr 2009

Might be worth noting that you can get DVI to VGA convertors (a lot of monitors supply them as part of the package, if not they only cost a few pounds). Also DVI is a form of HD, albeit in a different pin format to HDMI. The monitor you have linked to advertises HDMI, but is actually DVI. This is not unusual for monitor & graphics cards adverts.

The biggest difference between DVI and HDMI for most users is that HDMI will support 7.1 hi def sound throughput as standard. In most cases DVI doesn't carry sound, and when it does it tends only to be 5.1 channel (still high definition).

It's just my opinion, but you should be able to get a monitor that doesn't have HDMI. There are very few graphics cards that have HDMI outputs and the PS3 will accept an HDMI - DVI.

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