Second Sky+ box

  Perry72 20:17 22 Jan 2009

I already have Sky+ in my living and I have a seperate Sky box upstairs for which I pay an extra £9.75 for multi-room and my kitchen TV is linked to the upstairs Sky box via a magic eye. What I wondered was how simple it would be to replace for normal Sky box with a second hand Sky+ box (Sky charge £199 for a 2nd box and £60 installation - what a joke) - which I could buy off Ebay for around £50 from everyone who is upgrading to Sky+HD. Do I need anything from Sky or any extra leads, I assume I've got to attach an extra cable to the Sky dish - if there is one. Any advice would be appreciated.

  laurie53 08:36 23 Jan 2009

I did exactly that with no problem.

I did have to get an extra lead fitted, but can't remember if that was for the ordinary Sky box or the second Sky+ box.

It's simply a matter of swapping the leads from one to the other, then ringing Sky to register your card to the new box, takes just a minute or so (once you've got through that is!).

  Forum Editor 00:34 24 Jan 2009

you'll need two leads from the LNB on the dish to each Sky+ box.

  malgall 18:38 27 Jan 2009

i have two sky plus boxes and you will need to get for cables feeding from your dish
two for each box

  malgall 18:38 27 Jan 2009

sorry that should have said four cables from dish

  howard64 17:40 28 Jan 2009

if you only need to record 1 prog at a time surely the 2nd. sky+ box would be happy with just 1 feed?

  Forum Editor 18:31 28 Jan 2009

It will, but if you want to record programmes on a different channel to the one you're watching whilst you're out you'll have to 'lock' the second LNB feed on the box by setting up what's called a dummy recording - otherwise the box will not change channels when it should, and the recording will fail.

Best to run 2 LNB feeds to each box.

  Perry72 21:17 03 Feb 2009

Thanks for all the responses, can laurie53 confirm whether I need a new viewing card or do I just need to register my old one with Sky for the new Sky+ box.

  laurie53 07:18 04 Feb 2009

I think I just inserted the new card and called them up to log the box to the card, as I seem to remember it was very quick and very simple.

However, it's a while ago and I may be wrong.

  howard64 19:33 04 Feb 2009

it was about this time last year I got my sky+ box and all I had to do with regard to the card was take it from my original sky box and put it into the sky+ box.

  martytoon 11:03 05 Feb 2009

You'll need to "pair" the old viewing card to your new Sky+ box. This takes a couple of minutes on the phone to Sky Customer Services - you'll need to be infront of your new Sky+ box & TV as they'll want some details from it.

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