SDHC card not recognised in TomTomGO520

  PC_HelpMe 16:35 26 Apr 2008


I have just purchased a Sandisk 4GB SDHC card for my TomTomGo 520 sat nav - and it won't recognise it (and nor does my computer). I was told that this card would be compatible with the Go520, but unless I haven't followed TomTom's format instructions properly, I just can't seem to get this card recognised ANYWHERE (it won't fit in my digital camera as I tried that too - and when put in the SD slot in my computer, it won't get recognised in that either). Help!

  harry12 17:54 26 Apr 2008

According to TomTom website Go520 can only take 1gb card.

  alB 18:14 26 Apr 2008

click here ..this might help ...alB

  ICF 11:59 27 Apr 2008

It could be faulty.
Have you tried to format it in your computer?

  alB 12:27 27 Apr 2008

SDHC cards are incompatible with standard SD devices so unless you've got an SDHC reader in your computer you won't be able to format it but it should still work in your TT ...alB

  PC_HelpMe 17:38 27 Apr 2008

Hi all,

I actually emailed TomTom and they said it should be compatible.

I am in the process of obtaining an SDHC card reader to see if the card is actually ok - as it just doesn't show up in the TomTom.

Interestingly though, before I switch on the TomTom the "Devices with removable storage" shown in My Computer come up as there being 5 - and after switching it on it shows 7 - one of which is the TomTom itself but the extra one that pops up, when I click on it, it just says "insert disk". Weird.

  anchor 15:17 05 May 2008

For more help on all matters relating to TomTom, try the useful YourNav forum

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  PC_HelpMe 13:39 07 May 2008

Just thought I'd update this thread.

I received an SDHC compatible card reader, and it recognised the SDHC card immediately, so at least it wasn't a faulty card. I decided to just buy a standard SD card for my TomTom which I am now waiting to come through the post. I ended up buying a digital photo frame which DOES recognise the SDHC card (despite not being mentioned on its box), so at least I didn't waste my money. I just hope the normal SD card works in the TomTom when it arrives!

  anchor 13:45 07 May 2008

Did you order a 4Gb or 2Gb SD one?. There seems to be some dispute about the 4Gb cards reading properly.

  PC_HelpMe 11:20 08 May 2008

I received my 2GB sd card the other day - and it worked straight away - being recognised in the TomTom itself - but now lets me click on the icon in "My Computer" that comes up next to the TomTom internal memory drive.

The TomTom box actually says something about an optional 2GB memory so I thought I better just buy a 2GB - but there is plenty of room on it for what I want it for (basically just mp3s).

(In case you are wondering, despite the box saying about 2GB, when I asked TomTom themselves about whether the 4GB would be ok, they didn't actually tell me a resounding "NO". They said it "SHOULD" work.

Thanks to everyone who assisted me with this. It was very much appreciated.

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