Scanner with auto feed

  johnincrete 07:09 01 Sep 2009

My daughter's school here in Crete teaches English to Greek children.
We are currently installing a digital projector and one use will be for teachers to project images of pages in the students' workbook for communal discussion.
I want to scan (colour) several books - it is permitted by the publishers for this purpose.
I was thinking of cutting off the spine to get individual sheets that I could scan using an auto feed.
Has anyone ever done this and can you suggest a suitable scanner?

  Stuartli 18:48 02 Sep 2009

Such scanners are not very common and not cheap - the Kodak i30 and I40 models, for instance, are around £550 upwards:

click here

  Fermat's Theorem 23:49 06 Sep 2009

I have used my digital camera to take photos of the relevant pages.

Worked well, and was quick too :-)

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