Scanned Photos to Disc will not show on TV

  johnoo 16:36 26 Aug 2009

I have scannned some pictures into my PC and onto a CD.
When I play the CD on the PC all of the pictures show.
However when I put the CD into my DVD (Panasonic M27) and show on a TV only some of the picures show.
I get a message for the others "Content can't be shown"
All picures have been saved as Jpeg files.
Any ideas as to what has caused the problem?

  john bunyan 16:53 26 Aug 2009

When you saved the .jpeg files, did you save in "baseline standard" or "baseline optimised" as opposed to "progressive" ? I found, on a photoframe, admittedly , that "progressive" saved .jpegs would not show. Did you "finalise" the Cd - not sure if this is neccessary as it is with DVD's gooing to another platform.

  johnoo 17:25 26 Aug 2009

The settings for Jpeg were
Compression 16
Encoding:- Standard
Enbed ICC Profile :- On
I have never had any problems with these settings before.

  john bunyan 17:53 26 Aug 2009

Perhaps you have a different photo editing package. On mine, when you save a photo, a splash screen appears with "jpeg options" with "image options",where you set the quality, and format options as I mentioned above. I think the progressive is designed for web use, and only had problems with a photoframe. Maybe an expert such as hssutton will comment! I also had problems with showing jpegs on a Panasonic DVD recorder with an SD card and it was to do with the folder format - is the manual any use on this?

  johnoo 18:22 26 Aug 2009

Looked at the Manual, for DVD, no help at all.
Have not called the Pana Help line, it's an 0870 number and doubt if they have any idea.
yes I have noted that there is a "progessive" setting" but as i said the settings above have been used before with no problems, and some of the pictures did show on the TV, it looks to be a random problem.
However the ones that did not show are all Black & White, Red Herring?
Lets hope hssutton sees this and replies.
Thanks for your input

  jack 08:57 27 Aug 2009

To show on another piece of equipment that disk has to be finalized.
It will show on the host[ the kit the made it]but to take it else where and it must be finalized.

Which also means that disc cannot be added to in future

  johnoo 13:29 27 Aug 2009

Beg to differ, there is nothing about "finalizing" when I make a cd, and in the past all I have made play on TV.

  johnoo 19:15 11 Dec 2009

Solved it! if when I am scanning Greyscale pictures i set the Epsom unit to coloured in home mode, they then show on TV don't know why but they do.

  jack 09:56 12 Dec 2009

Now please tick the resolved box

  johnoo 11:31 12 Dec 2009

now solved

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