satellite tv to pc

  Picklefactory 21:03 16 Dec 2008

OK, this is my first post in this forum, and it might be a bit daft, so no sniggering please ;-(

Right, I sacked Sky some time ago in favour of Virgin cable, no probs there and very happy. Now, I kept my Sky dish and box, which are currently being used as limited freeview in my son's bedroom (Not many free channels on Sky) and I have no intention of new Sky contract. My question is, are there any other options for using my dish and maybe plugging it into pc to obtain non-Sky services, can I do anything with it other than what I am currently doing? Is it capable of more?
Ever so ta

  wiz-king 17:16 17 Dec 2008

Get a freesat box and get all the digital services?
Don't know anything about digital PC tuners except for amateur radio.

  Picklefactory 19:05 17 Dec 2008

I have a freeview box already, thanks. But I just want to know if I can do anything with this dish, as it is stuck to my house already and I'd like to get whatever I can from it.

  Jim_F 22:09 18 Dec 2008

This guide shows what the dish should see and I can get these channels on my free to air satellite receiver - I'm not sure if the Sky box blocks these but its worth a try. The dish and LNB are generic but the Sky 'smart' card used to be required even for FTA.

  Jim_F 22:11 18 Dec 2008

BTW you'd need a video capture card to display on the PC. Here is the link I forgot to post: click here

  Picklefactory 10:19 19 Dec 2008

Thanks, that looks interesting. I do get a certain amount of free channels through the Sky box already. All the BBC and ITV and a few others. If I could get a good few more via Freesat box, then I'll happily just leave it plugged into my sons TV and not bother with pc, that was only a thought in case it would have been beneficial. I'll check out more on the freesat.

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