satalite dish/freeview

  armacomroll 15:43 30 Jun 2007

when looking for a new arial for my freeview box I was told that a small satalite dish connected directly to the arial socket on the freeview box would work better for best digital reception . does anyone use this method.

  armacomroll 16:22 30 Jun 2007

thanks it was staff at maplins that suggested this method but i'm not so sure it would work

  Stuartli 19:30 30 Jun 2007

Freeview is a digital terrestial broadcasting medium i.e. through a normal wideband TV aerial signal.

The free to air digital channels from satellite will most likely be intended to include Sky's Freestat service. See:

click here

  Wilham 11:34 01 Jul 2007

Satellite dishes receive signal frequencies around 10Ghz which are guided into a trumpet-shaped box called an LNB (low noise box). This gadget does two things; it selects polarisation, and it reduces the carrier frequency by 90% to down-feed the satellite receiver.

A terrestrial receiver does not provide the 18 volt power and control needed by the LNB.

  Arnie 13:40 01 Jul 2007

Wilham is basically correct.

If a Universal LNB is used it will also require a 22kHz signal at around 0.5v p-p.

This signal is required to switch The LNB's (low noise block) local oscillator to the high or low band.

A satellite system you were thinking about is called "free to air" Your set top box is free to view and can only be used with a terrestrial aerial system or the provision of a signal working within the same parameters of the transmitted terrestrial digital signal.

  armacomroll 10:13 02 Jul 2007

Thanks everyone this answers my query

  Stuartli 11:12 02 Jul 2007

Free to air and free to view are basically the same thing - I'd made it clear that DTB is only available via a Freeview set top box/PC digital TV card or USB stick in conjunction with a standard wideband TV aerial.

Satellite equivalents are used for FreeSat and picking up the many free to air transmissions from various satellites, but not necessarily broadcast in English.

Some listings:

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