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  [email protected] 13:36 01 Dec 2009

I want to buy from UK (cheaper) a sat decoder.
I can buy here in France just a receiver with or without the dedicated French free to view channels - that is, several more channels are available/tuneable.
Are the FreeView boxes which are available in UK just dedicated FreeView channls or is there spare capacity to search for other transmissions?
If they are FreeView plus whatever else I can find, can anyone recommend a simple HD version.

  [email protected] 14:51 01 Dec 2009

I think I have found the answer but would appreciate confirmation:
A UK free to air receiver will receive several channels as well as UK FreeView.
A FreeView box receives only UK free to air.
It would appear to be different here in France.
A free to air receiver will receive several free to air channels (including UK FreeView) but not the French free to air channels (TNT).
A satellite TNT receiver appears to receive only the French free to air channels.

  [email protected] 14:53 01 Dec 2009

Sorry. Make that:
A UK FreeView box receives only UK FreeView channels.

  dms_05 10:48 06 Dec 2009

As far as I can tell the standards between the UK and France are different and the equipment to receive either won't work outside of the country of origin. In France the Freeview (called TNT) standards are:

free TNT channels are broadcast 720*576 MPEG-2 with a VBR of 3.9 Mbits (2.1 to 6.8)
pay TNT channels are broadcast 720*576 MPEG4 AVC/H.264 with a VBR of 3.0 Mbits (1.1 to 6.0)
free TNT-HD and pay TNT-HD are broadcast 1440*1080 (1080i50) MPEG4 AVC/H.264 with a VBR of 7.6Mbits (3 to max 15M).

Which doesn't conform to the UK DTT standard.

  [email protected] 10:37 07 Dec 2009

Thanks for the info dms_05.
To be certain I can receive what I want I will buy a decoder from UK. I am not interested in the French stuff; just trying to differentiate between the boxes as some sold here (France) are advertised as being able to receive all free to air channels (inc UK) but not TNT which has to be a dedicated box. What I don't relly understand, unless it's just marketing, is why buy just a dedicated FreeView or TNT box when you can buy a decoder which will receive those channels plus loads of others?

  BT 16:41 07 Dec 2009

If you are talking about a SATELLITE receiver you are presumanbly talking about FREESAT transmissions.

FREEVIEW in the UK is broadcast from land based TV transmitters and received via the normal roof mounted aerials.

Two totally different systems, and a FREEVIEW box won't receive satellite broadcasts, only broadcasts from UK TV transmitter masts.

  [email protected] 18:06 07 Dec 2009

Well now everything is as clear as mud!
I have read that UK TV (Free to Air- no subscription) transmissions are not only transmitted by terrestrial means but also by satellite.
Cheers BT. I am talking about satellite reception as you will see from the first sentence of my post.
Here in France you can receive the same French terrestrial stuff BY satellite AND set top box decoder (normal antenna on roof or wherever) and I was under the impression it was the same in UK with the UK digital stuff.

  [email protected] 18:15 07 Dec 2009
  BT 08:27 08 Dec 2009

Many of the channels are the same on both Freeview and Freesat its just the delivery and receiving systems are different.

  [email protected] 10:25 08 Dec 2009

Back to my original question then:-
Are UK FREESAT receivers dedicated to FREESAT channels ONLY or is there more capacity to receive other free sat transmissions from whichever satellite to which I decide to swing my dish?
I think the confusion is arising from description:
FreeView, FreeSat, Free to Air, SetTop Box, DigiBox, box this, box that when really we are talking about TV Digital Decoders either Satellite or Terrestrial. In this case Satellite.
Just so anyone following this post can understand it:-
Digital Satellite Receiving equipment is available in UK and here in France.
My old Analogue receiver is dead and superceded anyway and I want to replace it.
I would like to receive the free UK transmissions (I live in N.France so no problem with reception).
I would also like to receive some of the European, non subscription channels which I have been receiving up until now.
Will a UK FreeSat Digital receiver/decoder permit me to do this or are they dedicated to the UK free transmissions ONLY?
This question may be obvious, even superfluous to UK residents but the reason I ask it is this:-
In France there are 2, non-subscription possibilites for Satellite reception:_
(1) - A Sat decoder dedicated to the free French (ex-terrestrial) channels, nothing else.
(2) - A Sat decoder which will NOT receive the free French (ex-terrestrial) channels but with which there is a useful frequency range for you to tune to whatever you can find.
The crux of the matter is, will the decoder outlined in (2) decode the UK FreeSat channels. If the answer is NO, then UK equipment is required, and is cheaper, and is the reason for this thread, which I am beginning to wonder why I started ;-)
Now, if I buy from UK, is such equipment dedicated only to the FreeSat channels or does it have the usual tunable frequency range, part of which includes the UK FreeSat channels?
Note: I am not interested in the free French TNT channels.

  DieSse 15:00 12 Dec 2009

Free-to-air boxes are the most flexible, as they are not tied to either the Freesat EPG or the Freesat-from-Sky EPG (which is really just the Sky EPG).

Free-to-air boxes will essentially scan all available parameters automatically for you, and show any unscrambled channels, be the Freesat, Sky or anything else within the range of it's parameters.

The parameters are not just frequencies BTW - they include symbol rate, polarity and more.

At Lyngesat you can find all the channels available at any point in the sky, and so what you can expect to get with a fixed position dish.

The French channels are of course in a different place, so you won't get them anyway without two dishes or a motorised dish.

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