Samsung TV- No Display.

  Jon-ny 20:45 16 Jul 2008


I have already emailed Samsung technical support on this problem and while I'm waiting (a while) for a reply, I thought I would see if any of you could shed some light.

The problem goes like this: I have a 32" samsung LCD so I thought I'd try it out as a PC display. So here I go plugging in a VGA to VGA cable into both Pc and TV and low and behold it looks great. After many hours of use I finally turn off the computer and then the TV. Unknown to me this is the last time I'd see an image. The next day I plug in the TV. (I unplug it because it only goes on standby) and the red standby light that tells me the screen is turning on flashes as usual. Then it goes off. Now I should be seeing a picture. But the screen doesn't turn on, its as if its off. I unplug and plug in again. The same happens. I unplug the VGA cable and plug the power in. Nope. I unplug everything and then plug in the power. Argh. Nothing.

I'm beginning to think there's a prob.

So I try plugging in the VGA and the power, and I see if my graphics card 'sees' the tv. It does. I try disabling the display and enabling it with no success. I toggle the resolution but nothing. I'm thinking its a real issue now.

Can anyone shed some light on my problem?



  jack 09:01 17 Jul 2008

Even off- there is residual current.
Out of interest using the TV as a TV can you see any 'Shadow' images?
If so this means the backlight or the inverter unit has blown.
But beyond this Samsung will know more I guess

  Jon-ny 09:53 17 Jul 2008

hmmmm, when I plug it in, no image or backlight at all comes up. I'm thinking the tv is either stuck in some mode that it needs to be kicked out of. Or there is something more sinister.

Thanks for the reply!


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