Samsung S3 mini how to download to micro sd

  muddypaws 16:51 30 May 2013

I have spent some time looking in 'settings' and googling to find the answer to the above with no success. Yes I do have a micro installed and recognised. Any help would be appreciated. Apologies if this is a double post. I published it 30 mins ago, but nothing appeared. Thanks.

  rdave13 18:36 30 May 2013

Not sure you can move the download folder but looks like you can transfer your files and apps to the card, you tube, might help.

  muddypaws 19:50 30 May 2013

rdave13. Yes I have a shortcut to a few utube clips for transferring, but surely the d/l can be changed. No mention in the online manual either. Thanks.

  rdave13 18:05 31 May 2013

I don't know if it will work on the phone but you should be able to change the download directory in the Dolphin browser, " You can change download directory under Menu> More> Settings> Privacy & Personal Data> Download Directory". From here. Seems too easy for me. Possibly the Samsung won't run the browser.

  muddypaws 20:01 31 May 2013


Thanks will study the link later.

I can use the Dolphin on both the Samsung and the N7.

  muddypaws 19:11 01 Jun 2013

Can use both, but can't change d/load destination.

Will transfer an app ( with help of utube) and see how to access it.

Whether it still shows in the apps menu and links to the micro or not.

  Json Nosj 13:15 05 Jun 2013

try this

Setting> more Setting> nearby devices> download to> device/sd card

  muddypaws 15:56 08 Jun 2013

Json Nosj

Sorry have been away.

Will try your suggestion.

  muddypaws 16:54 08 Jun 2013

Json Nosj

Found the options--thanks.

If I d/loacd apps on to the micro, presumably I can run them from there.

Will try one.

  samsulisl 03:22 26 Jun 2013

Sorry have been away.

Will try your suggestion. More about US Telecom

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