samsung e900 video mode

  martd77 15:28 20 Dec 2007

My daughters new phone a samsung e900 is supposed to play mp4 video.There is even a small sample on the phone with the file extension .mp4
Ive used alloks converter to convert some avi files then copied them to the memory card and when i press the button to play video the message "file format not supported" is displayed.
Ive tried different mp4 coversions,mp4 to ipod,mp4 to psp,mp4,and even 3gp with the same results,the files play on the pc from the memory card but dont play in the phone.
Ive ruled out the memory card being faulty because it plays mp3s copied onto the card and into the phone


  MCE2K5 02:56 22 Dec 2007

Give this a try, click here

  Les28 08:58 22 Dec 2007

Do you have the manual that came with the phone, does it mention the video parameters that the phone will play? I know it mentions the file type MP4 but what about the rest, the sizes?
Try downloading Super and set MP4 as the output container H263 as the output video codec and AAC as the output audio codec, all along the top of the super screen.
Next row down in Super Video scale size 176X144 Aspect 11:9 Frame/Sec 25 Bitrate Kilo bits per sec try 528
Next row Audio Sampling Frequency 44,100, bitrate 64 kbps
get Super here
click here

Is this the phone? A forum here
click here

Or you could try the encoder here at foot of page
click here

A lot of hard work but if the manual isn't clear about the details you may have to do some experimenting but once you've got it right, that's it.
Is there any chance of getting the sample from the phone onto your computer? If so download Gspot
click here
analyse the sample from the phone in Gspot and use the same parameters when you encode your AVI file.

Or maybe MCE2K5's converter has done the trick!

  martd77 16:05 22 Dec 2007

hi soz for not replying,the internets been down!In the samsung handbook it doesnt give details other than mp4 or 3gp.
The converter does its job it seems the phone cant see it.
MCE2K5 have downloded the "any video converter" will try later,interestingly someone has made a note that they used it to convert files to mp4 for the e900 samsung,spooky!


  martd77 09:50 24 Dec 2007

Hi have tried the "any video converter",but when i copy to the sd card into the "movies" folder then put the card in the phone i get " cannot open file"

Time to give up unless someone can come up with another idea

  Stormchaser81 18:18 31 Dec 2007

Hello Martd77,

I've encountered this problem as well. I have a Samsung D900 so I thinks these two work te same.

I've converted my avi file with the program you can get on this site (a trial):

click here

Then I converted the avi to: Ipod (320x240)MPEG-4 Excellent (*.mp4)

And then it worked on my phone. Every other type of MP4 didn't work.
So please try this.

I hope it works on the E900 as well.

Happy new year!

  martd77 13:05 01 Jan 2008

stormchaser81 happy new year to you as well

I used originally alloks avi to mp4(for ipod),the movie shows up in the memory card but comes up as an unsupported format,
i will try your suggestion and post back later


  martd77 10:05 05 Jan 2008

thats not worked either,i may return the phone,ill close this as resolved now

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