Samsung 19" LCD HDTV problem

  Durko 11:53 10 Jun 2008

Bought a Samsung 19" LCD HDTV, set it up then followed instructions and it detected numerous tv channels due to its Digital TV Tuner/Receiver built in facility.

Problem is I subscribe to Virgin Media for my TV service.But now all of the Virgin channels I was previously getting through the set top box before my old tv packed in have all vanished.

Can anyone possibly advise how I go about retreiving the Virgin tv package?

  jack 12:14 10 Jun 2008

Customer Support at Virgin is the place to go.
My guess is it would treat the Virgin 'Box' as an external input - have you discovered any 'L' channels
L indicating external source?

  peter99co 15:37 10 Jun 2008

I think you need to not use the DTV input
Does the remote have a Source Button? What inputs does it offer?

  lil27 13:00 11 Jun 2008

Peter99co is correct. Your remote should have a source button. ie. AV1, AV2 etc. Your remote should also have a TV/DTV button. When on DTV, the inbuilt freeview receiver will pick up digital channels when on the TV button, you will get the standard analogue channels BBC1 - Channel 5.

Basically you select 3 modes:-

TV - Standard Anlogue through Aerial
DTV - Digital Channels through Aerial
AV1 (etc) - Channels via Virgin through your cable.

Good luck

  Durko 17:02 11 Jun 2008

The remote control for the tv has not got an AV button which is strange but does have a source button but the output from that just reveals a message thus: External No Signal.

I've tried resetting the tv from scratch again to see if I can locate AV as well as switching off/on the set top box but all to no avail.

I will contact Virgin Media to hopefully get them to guide me along the right path to restore the channels etc and resolve the problem.

Thanks for all the advice guys.


  100andthirty 19:58 11 Jun 2008

have you connected your virgin box to your TV using a SCART lead?

  lil27 12:53 12 Jun 2008

Also check other source channels. You may have more than one. i.e. when you get the External No signal message, press source again etc.

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