Samsun Galaxy Ace memory full

  Throbber 10:02 09 Jan 2013

My Sansung Galaxy Ace regularly gives me warning messages about internal memory being full. I have moved all moveable apps to SD card. Remaining apps have the "move to SD card" option greyed out. Anyone got a solution to this? Otherwise, I like the phone.

  harrysteve12 15:23 09 Jan 2013

I have not much knowledge about this Samsung model. But you will overcome by this problem just contact to Samsung helpline.

  bremner 17:37 09 Jan 2013

Take a look at this thread and in particular the link in my posting

Click Here

  Throbber 11:40 21 Jan 2013

Thanks bremner, but I have already moved all the apps that can be moved. The remaining ones cannot be either moved to SD card or deleted.

  bremner 20:33 21 Jan 2013

There is therefore no solution other than to delete apps that cannot be moved.

  Kennethlang 02:38 22 Jan 2013

it is really a pity, maybe you can try to contact with Samsung customer service, or send it to the professional phone fixing shop.

  Throbber 15:53 22 Jan 2013

Thanks guys. Unfortunately all the remaining apps cannot be deleted, as this option is greyed out. I have contacted Samsung support, but they have given the same advice as bremner - move to card or delete or clear cache. I have done everything that the app manager will allow, but internal memory is still full. Still trying to get a solution from Samsung support, but not hopeful.

  v1technologies 06:14 23 Jan 2013

not more idea about smartphone but still i say that some amount of space required for application.

  eaglais 12:35 26 Jan 2013

Had this problem with my Acer. UK Support was polite but couldn't suggest an answer. Spoke to a colleague in the US. who suggested: Rooting the phone (screams of horror no doubt) Installing SDMaid from the Android Store (other apps do the same) Ran this and it cleared just under 45Mb. No doubt evil & unethical and probably also cruel to animals, but it worked

  Throbber 14:06 27 Jan 2013

Sansung support eventually suggested a factory reset. This seems to have worked. Thanks to all for your suggestions.

  QuizMan 22:02 28 Jan 2013

Throbber did you try the link that I supplied in the same thread referred to by bremner? It worked for me and found me some valuable space. I did have to uninstall and reinstall some Apps before it worked properly.

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