RW CD won't work

  johnincrete 16:10 05 Dec 2008

I have many occassions to burn a CD for one-time use so I bought a ReWritable one. I've tried burning with Nero, ExpressBurn and a freebie. In each case, MyComputer shows there is a file but nothing plays on my CD player nor in my CD drive on the computer - it locks up Nero & Media Player.
Express Burn erases the disk before burn.
Is there something I'm doing wrong?

  jack 15:14 06 Dec 2008

They do need a supplementary software to record Nero's version in called In CD as I recall -[or 'packet writing' elsewhere]
The recording as such will play back on the machine the recorded it or on an other machine with the software.
DVD players do play them if the disk has been 'Finalized' but once finalized cannot be over written
When these camesout it was visualized to be used as a giant 'Floppy disk' but nowadays 'Flash Media' has taken on that role.

The general perception is to disregard RW disks as surpassed technology- just as a floppy is.

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