Roxio Desktop Manager with BlackBerry Storm

  Alex at Langar 12:52 15 Sep 2010

Alex at home
Mon, 06/09/[email protected]:14
Problem: Cannot transfer files between BlackBerry Storm and my Windows 7 HP Pavilion.
Tried to achieve this by:
1. Using the Media Sync option in BlackBerry Desktop Software (version 5).
This said: Media Services Are Not Available. If your BlackBerry device is using a Bluetooth connection or is not connected to your computer, you need to connect it witha USB cable to import and synchronize media. If your device is already connected, reconnect it to start a new connection. Your device must have mass storage mode turned on and a media card or additional built-in storage for media files.
Although I DO have my Storm connected to the HP via Bluetooth, at the time of attempting the above the two were already connected via USB cable, and the suggested disconnect and reconnect made no difference.
Next I checked the Storm's "Getting Started Guide" On page 35 it describes how to exchange files using the Roxio Media Manager. A search via the Start box said I didn't have this on my machine, so I went to:
click here
That webpage is headed 'Roxio Media Manager for BlackBerry Smartphones'. I visited the various links on this page. As far as I can discover, only the '> Learn about BlackBerry Media Sync' link offers a download so I used it. It took me to:
click here
On this page the text appeared to indicate this was what I needed so I clicked "Download for PC" and duly installed the resulting download. That's how I came to have version of BlackBerry Desktop Software. I thought I ought to then uninstall version 5 of this Desktop Software but on looking in Control Panel Uninstall or change a program there was no sign of it in the list, just the version 6, which I left alone of course.
Version 6 gave me the same "Media Services Are Not Available" as version 5!
Then tried a different approach:
2. First I updated the Storm's device software to version (Bundle 1413) - on 06.09.2010
After update complete, the computer offered the normal View Files in Folder access panel. This accessed BlackBerry Device Memory which in turn offered the folders for Pictures, Videos, RingTones, Notes, etc. Snag is, it indicated that every one of these folders was empty. Fortunately it lied - as proved by the fac that accessing these same folders directly on the phone itself showed them to contain their current, expected files. However, this means that I cannot exchange files from phone to computer and back.
For the record, on 06.09.2010 the Storm has 8MB remaining out of 124.5MB storage.

  ams4127 20:27 15 Sep 2010

I can't help you with media transfer on your Storm. There are quite a lot of people complaining about version 6 of the desktop software with most saying they had gone back to version 5.

I've got version 6 on my computer but can't really see any point to it. Any media I want I just drag and drop.

I noticed you had updated your device software to version 5. I tried that last night but had loads of problems. Did your update go smoothly?

  Alex at Langar 09:56 17 Sep 2010

Hi, thanks for responding.
Yes my phone software to version 5 done via desktop manager was straightforward, with no problems during or afterwards.
How do you achieve your drag and drop? I cannot get to see the media card on the phone as an external drive. I connect the phone via USB cable, my Win7 HP Pavilion Device Installation says connection is successful but the phone doesn't show up as a drive in My Computer.

  ams4127 20:29 17 Sep 2010

Sorry for not making things clear. My fault, and I apologise.

The essential thing I missed out was that I had removed the media card and put it into the computer via an adaptor. That's how I got to drag and drop the photo I wanted.

Sorry again.

  ams4127 20:49 17 Sep 2010

Further to my last post.......I've just plugged my Curve into the computer and it's showing in My Computer!! I've just dragged a photo to it and set it as wallpaper. No desktop manager running.

  Alex at Langar 15:02 21 Sep 2010

Hi again,
Now there's the explanation for why you can do drag and drop and I can't - you are copying from your media card, I don't have one in my Storm - it's the phone memory I'm trying to access and copy from.

  ams4127 20:55 23 Sep 2010

Can you not fit a media card in the phone? It would be the way to go.

  Alex at Langar 14:52 24 Sep 2010

Yes I can, just not done that yet. Think I shall have to if accessing it is so much more straight-forward.
Thanks again.

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