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  1st spring 19:29 23 Oct 2010

I would like to ring a friend who has gone on holiday to the USA. I use Post Office phone which allows me to ring mobiles for free at the weekend but I was wondering if I rang 02 mobile in the US would it deduct any money off their phone, as I have read once where it also charges the receiver.

Most North American carriers charge for incoming calls. You should also check that your "FREE" call will be free if ringing a "roamer".

  1st spring 21:02 23 Oct 2010

Thank you for the info I never knew. I have rang many a time before to the US thinking it was completely free. I wonder if the other person found out. I do not know what you mean by roamer. If you reply to roamer I will close after that. TYank you very much.

I should have clarified that only Mobile (cell phone) carriers charge for incoming calls, anyone who takes a cell phone - mobile phone outside of its normal area is classified as "roaming" i.e, he is using another provider's network and is charged for that.

I had a look online at O2 Roaming charges and it appears that your friend will get stung with €1.09 PER MINUTE charges if you call him!

  1st spring 21:43 23 Oct 2010

Thank you so much for your info. Before I finish would they get charged if they had go to Europe (Spain)? How did you find this info out? Would I have to put in 02 roaming charge?

  1st spring 21:54 23 Oct 2010

Last time promise. Is this the same if I ring USS Europe land lines? Thank you

I used Google, and yes, as far as I know roaming(incoming) charges apply all over Europe (maybe not as much as €1.09) but still pretty steep, althoug the EU is cracking down on these extortionate charges by Mobile providers.

If you mean US/Europe landlines then no - no charges!

You threw me there, I thought you meant a United States ship called USS Europe, lol!

Just another point - most North American Mobile providers also charge a connection fee to mobiles on their own network. So If you call an American or Canadian mobile phone THEY will also have to pay to receive your call, I think it's about 25 cents a minute but don't quote me on that!

  1st spring 22:37 23 Oct 2010

yes, as far as I know roaming(incoming) charges apply all over Europe.

Do not understand this. Does this mean if I except a call from a Mobile I will have to pay to be connected by my mobile and land line?

I'm not sure what you mean now, if you take your mobile abroad you will pay to receive calls. You will not be charged on your landline for receiving calls from mobiles which are abroad/

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