Replace a DVD drive in home cinema setup.

  Sparkly 13:29 07 Sep 2007

Hi could anyone here help me with this? I have an Aiwa DVD HT-DV90 Home cinema system that has worked perfectly for about four years now and only in the last six months or so has it started to give me probs. The dvd player often refuses to recognise any disc that i put into the drive and if by chance it does play the film it starts to freeze or start/stop, and i was wondering could i buy a dvd drive say from ebuyer and replace the drive that is playing up or would i ned some sort of software allso? I would like to keep the system as its all setup with 5.1 suround and the radio all works fine,the odd thing about it is the drive seems to play audio disc's fine it is the replaying of DVD's that there is a problem, i just thought if i could change the drive rather than the whole system even though i know you can buy them reasonably cheap these days. Thanks in advance.

  silverous 13:41 07 Sep 2007

To be honest I think you'll struggle to replace the DVD drive with the exact same spec as it is all built in. May not be the drive either although I suspect you are right and it is.

What kind of drive were you thinking? It doesn't look like a standard PC drive ?

IMHO I think it is replace time.

  Sparkly 14:07 07 Sep 2007

Hi silverous thanks for your input, as to a replacement drive i was unsure as to what i would need. The drive in there at the moment plays these supported disc's
DVD Video
Video CD's (vcd's)
Adio CD's (CDDA)
MP3 Disc's

├četa thanks allso at the moment i do use a dvd player for watching films though an HDMI connection unfortunatly it only outputs in 2.1 so the surround sound is out the window there, i think maybe i will have to look at the aiwa website and see if i can hopefully gain some info there. Thanks guys.

  Sparkly 15:50 07 Sep 2007

Beta my mistake the HDMI player does have 5.1 output but the connections on the back of the HDMI player are the jack plug type witch is fine but the speakers that i have allready connect to the aiwa player with a bare wire and on the speaker you push a plastic connecter and the wire is held in place, what would do the job would be bare wire from the speakers to a jack plug connecter to fit the HDMI player would you have any ideas on this/can you buy such a connecter?

  davidlionel 19:53 16 Mar 2008

Your messages described precisely the problem I'm encountering. Plays CD's fine but can't seem to crank up the speed high enough on a DVD to get past the "LOADING" function.

Did you find a source for a replacement drive?

  Sparkly 20:11 16 Mar 2008

davidlionel blimy you dug this one up from the past as to your question the answer is no tried to find some help on the website but to no avail and no responces to an email sent at the moment it sometimes plays and then another time its a no go sorry i could not give you any help with it.

  jack 20:12 16 Mar 2008

I do believe that drives for non PC applications are a distinct different animal from the sort offered for PC use.
The firmware, the connections to the internals- this is not the route.
Contact the manufacturer- but at 4 yours old stuff will have moved on so much you will I feel be replacing the whole unit.

  Sparkly 21:10 16 Mar 2008

jack very true just hope it carrys on a bit longer.

  davidlionel 22:17 16 Mar 2008

Indeed it popped up thru a Google search. Thanks for your quick response...albeit dissapointing news. It is curious that an old Mac of mine behaved exactly the same way. That was easy to locate and replace. It was thus restored to its youthful vigor.

  Stuartli 08:49 17 Mar 2008

Some connection advice at:

click here

  Sparkly 16:59 17 Mar 2008

Thanks Stuartli very informative.

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