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  podlod 10:50 26 Oct 2006

Hi, I have a prob that my son emailed some photos for me and when I received them I transfered them to my documents and then to my Picasa 2 album, but I could not delete the photos from my documents without them being deleted from my Picasa ( software ).They are also to large and need to reduce them, but how, I have forgotten?, Please help, Thank you.

  Vangeliska 10:54 26 Oct 2006

I think Irfanview can be used for enlarging and reducing in size, it is also free.

  hssutton 13:23 26 Oct 2006

Picasa will do it all for you. clicking on the help file explains it in a very simple fashion.

Photo's must reside in a folder somewhere and My Docs/My Pictures are a good a place as anywhere, all that Picasa does is let you know where they are, as does all other album programs.

To resize go to edit>>export, this will then give you the option to resize before sending to folder (My Pictures?).

All explained very simply in Help.

  jack 14:11 26 Oct 2006

As H S Sutton mentioned images are stored by default[that is unless you specify otherwise]
in the folder -My Pictures.
When you refer to Picasa Album Images it is simply linking you back to the basic store -My pictures.Read the top line of the browser to see where they are.

So Deleting from My pictures deletes for good

  podlod 13:16 27 Oct 2006

Hi hssutton, I know you now say that photo`s must reside somewhere, ( Docs or Pictures ) but how and where do I decide where they should go? and how do I delete the photos from other places as they are increasing MB`s on my PC, or maybe I have got the wrong end of the stick?. Sorry to be so blank on this understanding.

  DieSse 13:41 27 Oct 2006

*when I received them I transfered them to my documents and then to my Picasa 2 album,*

You didn't transfer them to your Picasa Album - you simply told Picasa where to find them. They are still where you put them originally.

So if you delete them from My Pictures, of course Picasa can't find them any more, so effectively they no longer appear in Picasa.

*but how and where do I decide where they should go?*

It's you who decides - it doesn't matter where you put them - it's normal and convenient to put them in My Pictures, but it's still entirely your choice as to how you organise where to store things in your system (just like it would be if you were storing them in a filing cabinet).

  Diemmess 19:55 27 Oct 2006

Pretend for a moment that you know nothing of Picasa.........

When you download some photos you download them by default to My Pictures, but you do have a choice.

You can download them to anywhere by specifying where when you save them to disk. You can for instance make a new folder and call it "Photos".

Once you are happy with your new cataloging you can drag and drop, or cut and paste older picture to your new storage folder.

You can also make new sub-folders for the different themes of your new collection.

  hssutton 20:39 27 Oct 2006

Actually I don't use "My Pictures", but have created a number of folders on my desktop, with names to reflect the contents. i.e. Flowers, Planes, landscape, macro etc.

I usually import my photo's into my editor PS CS2, usually direct from my flashcard, edit them then save in the appropriate folder.

Once my photo's are safely stored in a folder I copy the folder to a dedicated drive. So I always have a least two copies. Always High res. Tiffs, but that is my preference, others will no doubt save as Jpgs.

As I always shoot in Raw I also save the raw file to my dedicated photo drive before reformating my cards ready for the next shooting session.

To get back to your point about deleting, I would suggest you delete any unwanted files direct from your folders as apposed to deleting via Picasa this way you will not make any mistakes and delete the wrong file.

  podlod 12:08 28 Oct 2006

I want to thank you for all the help you have given me and it has helped tremendously!!
One more thing I would like to know is that I have downloaded the new Picasa 2 upgrading the old picasa original, problem is i now have 2 Picasa and I am wary of deleting the old in case I somehow delete the new?. What do I do in this predicament??

  hssutton 15:35 28 Oct 2006

As Diemmess said your images are not stored in Picasa, but in folders on your PC, so uninstalling Picasa will not affect your photos in any way.

For your peace of mind I have downloaded the following from the Picasa web page.

Help Centre Home > Picasa Essentials > Downloading and Installing Software

How do I uninstall an older version of Picasa?

You can uninstall Picasa 1.618 at any time after installing Picasa 2. Picasa 1.618 is no longer available for download on our web site or elsewhere.

There should be no problem having both programmes installed on most computers, but it may not be possible to run both programmes at the same time.

Here is how to uninstall Picasa 1.618 when you are ready to do so:

1. Click "Start" on your computer.
2. Click "Programmes". (All Programmes in XP)
3. Click "Picasa".
4. Click "Uninstall Picasa".
5. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the uninstall.

  myfoot 22:58 02 Nov 2006

This is a very handy app as it gives you a right click option to resize images.

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