red sunset

  User-178362 13:57 03 Feb 2007

Could you please tell me how do I get my digital camera to take the colour of the sunset and not turn out white. I would like the red sunset.

  cycoze 14:17 03 Feb 2007

The image is being over-exposed if it is turning white, you need to make the camera compensate for it,

Would help to know what camera you have.

#1-Most Digital cameras have different metering modes, try setting it to spot metering, aim the camera away from the brighter part of the sky and take your meter (you may need to keep the firing button half depressed) point it back towards the brighter part of the sky and depress fully.

#2-If your camera allows you can set it for negative compensation of 2/3 to 2 stops, bracketing, if your camera can then bracket down a stop or so.

#3-Set your white balance manually.


  User-178362 15:06 03 Feb 2007

Thank you. When you say Set white balance manually.Do you mean, flud, tungsten? Metering modes it this the shutter? I Experiment then I don't know how to get back like now. I am in slow shutter speed, I have an "M" distanse sign self timer, flash,and what looks to me like a light bulb. Minolta

  cycoze 15:44 03 Feb 2007

What model is your Dimage? ie: x20, X1, s404, 5 etc.

White balance lets the camera know what is white and supposed to come out white in the photo, the camera can calculate the difference between the current colour temperature of an object and the correct colour temperature of a white object, as you can see a Light Bulb this means your white balance is set for tungsten bulb light.

You should try it on the daylight or cloudy setting.

You probably have options to change the white balance to the likes of Auto, Fluorescent, Daylight, Flash, Cloudy, Shade and possibly Manual, they will show up as different symbols Auto will probably be AWB, Fluorescent will look like a strip light, daylight will look like a cartoon sun, best to check your manual.

Changing settings can appear confusing at first, but on most cameras you have a simple menu screen from which to choose various options like White Balance, ISO, Quality, Timer etc, once you select an option to change you can then normally scroll to select how you want it changed...

IE: select white balance, you should then be given on screen a list to scroll through of AWB, Fluorescent, Daylight, Flash, Cloudy, Shade , these will probably be symbols as mentioned above.

To change them back just go back into the menu, if your worried you might forget then write down what the setting is before you change it, might seem ominous to start with but it is very simple.

  User-178362 18:35 03 Feb 2007

Dimage G500 5 mega pixels. I did get back to the normal settings. There is no fluorescent on my camera nor is there a date that shows on the picture so that I know the date it was taken but then its not the latest. Thank you again.

  anchor 14:56 04 Feb 2007

I took this panorama picture last month, using my Canon S50 set to fully auto. I thought the colours were quite good.

click here

The exposure given in the exif data was 1/60 sec @ f2.8.

  User-178362 15:23 04 Feb 2007

very nice. Not sure what you mean about exif data was 1/60. When I say the sunset is white I mean the actual sun its self. I have some lovely sunsets myself taken from my window. Is is alright to post one and how do I go about it?

  User-178362 13:01 05 Feb 2007

Sunset from my window ...

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  anchor 13:22 05 Feb 2007

I think that a very nice shot.

If you include the setting sun itself, I am sure it will appear white, unless you severely under expose, then you will lose the beautiful colours in the sky.

By the way, where is the location?.

  User-178362 13:40 05 Feb 2007

Portsmouth Harbour (Spinnacker Tower on previous pic is to the left of this one.)

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  anchor 15:55 05 Feb 2007

sea princess XP Pro:

A really lovely shot; I can see HMS Victory so now recogise where it is.

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