recording from Virgin Media cable box

  hw1 19:40 30 Sep 2007

I would like to record off the TV, which I buy via Virgin Media cable. I can't seem to get my (admittedly very old) VCR to talk to the cable box, and so as I don't want to increase my monthly subscription by getting their HDD recorder, I am thinking about a stand-alone HDD or DVD recorder.
The cable box is a Samsung, model SMT-2110C (but also has ntl printed on the front, not sure why). The signal comes in via cable (screw in socket), and at present the box is connected to the VCR and the TV, both via SCARTs. The TV shows the cable signal as normal, and a tape played on the VCR plays on the TV (through the same AV channel, so the signal must be going through the cable box on the way from VCR to TV). However, when I connect the RF out from the cable box to the RF in socket on the VCR, all I get is blue screen on the TV. The VCR only has one SCART socket, so I can't daisy chain the cable box, VCR and TV (as I used to do with RF, back in the days before cable!) Is there any way that I can get the VCR to work, and if not what specification do I need to look for when looking at HDD/ DVD recorders?

  BT 07:46 01 Oct 2007

If the VCR is connected to the cable box by a scart lead why do you need the RF lead as well. You need your VCR set to record on the AV channel with the scart lead. It should work.
The RF output of the cable box is on Channel 68. so if want to record on the RF channel you will have to reset your VCR to Channel 68 as well as it is probably set to the default channel 36

  BT 08:19 02 Oct 2007

You also need to set your TV video channel to channel 68 if you change your VCR channel

  hw1 19:31 02 Oct 2007

Recording through Scart cable has worked fine, many thanks to all.

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