Recording from TV using external DVD Writer

  ponytail 16:48 06 Mar 2014

We are having a new TV delivered tomorrow the 7th.It is a Sony KDL-W653 Model I currently use a Humax PVR-9300T set top box as our current TV does not have freeview and as the new one does I only need to record and every set top box comes with freeview which I don't need.I don't have a DVD recorder never needed one so thought about my spare external one.The TV has a USB port so just wondered if I could and if so how would I record.I do have a DVD player so could play the recording back.We are putting the old TV in the spare bedroom and need the humax in order to watch that TV.Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts otherwise will have to buy a DVD recorder.

  john bunyan 17:34 06 Mar 2014

What OS do you have? I have w7 ultimate, and I believe that from home premium upwards you can have Windows Media centre. You need a tuner/ pvr card , which can be fitted into a tower or usb ones are available. The only thing is that if you want to burn a disc to watch on a DVD player, it needs software to convert the recording, which takes quite a time. See here for some idea of tuners:

enter link description here

Not sure why you do not use Freeview - all my TV's and PC tuners use it; why not use it on a set top box or Humax?

  ponytail 19:16 06 Mar 2014

I have windows 7 ultimate as well

  BRYNIT 19:28 06 Mar 2014

The TV allows you to record direct to an external HDrive or USB flash drive but you cannot watch one program whilst recording another if you read the instructions it will tell you how to do this.

If you buy a Freeview box to go with the TV in the bedroom allowing you to watch live TV you can keep the Humax PVR with the new TV to record your programs.

  BRYNIT 19:30 06 Mar 2014

Correction. I think your TV allows you to record to an External USB HDrive or flash drive.

  ponytail 19:38 06 Mar 2014

Hi again john bunyan the main concern is my old TV did not have freeview so I got a Humax PVR-9300T set top box which I also used to record programs.Our new TV is a Sony KDL-W653 which has built in freeview the problem is can I use the Humax with the new TV and how to connect them I would like to watch the programs straight from the TV.I think I need to connect the two items using a HDMI lead seems complicated I know.If I did not want to record programs there would be no problem.Any ideas

  TV-Repairman 19:45 06 Mar 2014

Your Humax PVR-9300T will record from the aerial signal exactly as it always did and you can connect it to the TV to watch them. It will NOT "record from the TV" because it can't (and it doesn't need to - it has its own built-in tuner).

  ponytail 19:59 06 Mar 2014

Hi BRYNIT I have just bought a freeview box to go with the TV in the bedroom and as you say want to use the Humax with the new TV just to record.Can I watch what's on television and use the Humax just to record

  BRYNIT 21:36 06 Mar 2014

Yes you will now have two tuners one in the Humax which you can record from and the one in your new TV where you can watch another channel. Instructions from the Humax or the new TV will show you how to connect the two together.

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