Recording freeview on VCR

  elanorsmith 18:14 13 Apr 2008

Hi, just bought new VCR. (I know there is an other question re this but it doesn't answer my question) I also have freeview with 1 scart. I can't seem to connect up VCR to TV to freeview. On my old video, somehow I managed to connect up the 3. I couldn't actually RECORD freeview but the 3 could remain connected - i didn't have to disconnect one or the other. This time round, either the freeview says no signal (or is in b and w) if the VCR works OR the freeview works and the video is in b and w. I can do without recording freeview but i just don't want to have to disconnect things whenever i want to record normal TV!
Any ideas???? Tried every combination going!

  ravingdave 22:56 13 Apr 2008

A lot depends on what connectors you have available on the TV, Digibox and VCR

I would try the following:
-> RF aerial to digibox RF input
-> RF aerial output from Digibox to VCR digibox RF input
-> RF aerial output from VCR to TV RF in

So far this will allow you to watch analogue channels on your TV, and record analogue channels on your VCR. You chould also be able to tune a channel on your TV to pick up the analogue output of the VCR to watch recorded videos.

Then connect:
-> Digibox output SCART to TV input SCART

You should then be able to watch all freeview channels by switching to the AV input on your TV.

If you then have other connectors free you could try:
-> VCR output SCART to TV SCART (assuming TV has 2 SCARTS available). You should then be able to watch the VCR via the SCART by switching the AV input channel on your TV (this will give you a much better picture than the RF analogue connection.

Then if you have another SCART free on the Digibox and VCR you can:
-> Connect Digibox 2nd output SCART to VCR input SCART
This will then allow your VCR to record whatever is currently playing on the Freeview Digibox.

  ravingdave 22:58 13 Apr 2008

typo in previous post
2nd connection should read:

-> RF aerial output from Digibox to VCR RF input

  elanorsmith 12:43 14 Apr 2008

Thanks very much, i seem to have all systems go!

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