Recording Freeview onto vcr

  brewersfan 20:49 22 Apr 2007

Hi all,

I bought a Freeview box and all the channels come through fine on AV1 on the tv. When I came to record something though I noticed the vcr hasn't got an AV input, only channels 1 - 99. Am I stuck or is there another piece of kit I can get to overcome the problem? Would a UHF modulator help and where would it go in the daisy chain?

Thanks in advance.

  Stuartli 22:37 22 Apr 2007

I have a Mitsubishi H58 Nicam stereo VCR with all the bells and whistles (it's 14 years old) and Freeview recordings have to be done on the original channels for satellite; in my case it's L1 that is used.

  jack 08:54 23 Apr 2007

Push through the channels and set it to L1[Line one]
This means you are stepping away from the internal tuner all VCR's have an accepting a signal from an external source

  brewersfan 20:05 23 Apr 2007

I've tried cycling through all the channels from 1 to 99 but I can't get a L1 input, only those 99 channels. Guess if it comes to it I'll have to buy a new recorder of some sort... or watch Freeview abd record terrestial instead.

  jack 20:13 23 Apr 2007

Ah yes its age you know-Us old 'uns are not in possession of all our faculties you know.
I dare say the same can be said for older VCR's

  Stuartli 14:47 24 Apr 2007

Try displaying a little used Freeview TV channel and then going through the VCR's channels until/to see if it appears.

That will be the channel available for recording purposes.

The AV channels on the TV have nothing to do with the VCR if it is connected in the proper sequence i.e. TV aerial output to Freeview STB>VCR>TV; Freeview STB>short Scart lead to VCR>VCR Scart to TV (most likely AV).

  Stuartli 14:50 24 Apr 2007

>>The AV channels on the TV have nothing to do with the VCR>>

I mean, of course, if the Freeview STB's aerial output goes through the VCR first and then to the TV.

  Stuartli 14:54 24 Apr 2007

This may help with your connections if needed:

click here

  postie24 18:33 24 Apr 2007

Firstly,how many scart sockets does the freeview box have and the vcr?

  brewersfan 18:22 26 Apr 2007

Sorry about the delay answering - couldn't log into the site.

Stuartli, thanks for that link - I've had a look but can't get any further. I'm going to try your suggestion about the little used Freeview channel later to see if I can find anything.

Stuartli & postie24, I'm connecting the aerial from the wall to the STB, then to the vcr then the tv.

The first scart lead from the STB goes to the tv. The second one goes to the video/audio phono sockets on the vcr (the vcr has no scart sockets). A-ha... a light switches on in my head... this is now where I think I've come a cropper because there is no onward connection from the vcr to the tv. Hmmm, I think I need to get another lead with a scart at one end and phono plugs at the other!

  postie24 19:00 26 Apr 2007

Yes that will do it.Make sure the scart/phono leads from the stb go to the input of the vcr,normally at the front under a cover,.You should then be able to record from it.You should still have a connection to the tv through the UHF input or run another set of scart/phonos from back of vcr to tv

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