recording onto DVD from Sky+

  SimoneT 12:32 22 Feb 2008

Sorry if this has been on before but couldn't find anything in my quick search.

I have bought a second hand DVD recorder (Panasonic) from someone in work to enable me to record from my Sky+ box, however I have no idea how to do this. The Sky+ box has 2 scart connections, both of which in our case are already taken up, so not sure how else to connect this DVD recorder. I am also unsure if I need to watch what I have saved on my Sky+ box in order to record it or if there is a way of recording without having to actually watch the programme. As you can see I am a novice when it comes to using DVD recorders, so any help and tips are more than welcome!

  anskyber 14:19 22 Feb 2008

You will need to connect the recorder via scart, usually one scart is marked to TV the other to a recorder. Generally if the scart to the recorder is used the signal to the TV can be taken from the recorder thereby freeing up a scart from the Sky box.

Otherwise turn on the recorder and make sure it is set to receive from the AV input you have chosen on it. Go to the Sky planner from tv guide, highlight the recorded program you wish to cvopy and press the red key (copy) then press select.

Press record on your recorder and play on the sky box. Do nothing until the copy is complete, you cannot view anything else during copy. You do not need to watch the recording before you copy it.

  anskyber 14:28 22 Feb 2008

This is the connection for my box, it's an HD box but the priciple is the same. click here

  SimoneT 15:33 22 Feb 2008

Thanks guys, one more question though. We already have a cinema system installed as our main dvd player and sound system, will that cause any problems with the connections anskyber has posted? Sorry, probably a dum question, but I did say that this is new to me!

  anskyber 15:49 22 Feb 2008

It's almost impossible to say without knowing how the existing system is connected and the number of scarts available.

I assume the existing DVD player is connected to the TV via a scart. In principle there is no reason why with the correct connections and correct set ups in each box that the two should not work.

  SimoneT 15:59 22 Feb 2008

You are correct anskyber the current player is connected via scart to the TV, what puzzles me is that I only have to scart connections on the Sky box but three scart leads to connect to it (TV, cinema system and now the DVD recorder). No doubt I'll have fun setting this up at the weekend!

  dms05 08:23 23 Feb 2008

If you use the Sky 'Copy' key you must be ultra careful not to press any Sky key during the copying period. If you touch anything on the Sky remote then the copying will stop. For that reason I simply play the programme as normal and press record on my DVD/HDD recorder.

You may find your DVD recorder has other outputs in addition to SCART and you can use these. Mine has SCART, HDMI, composite video, component/progressive video. I manage to have Sky+, a Samsung 37" TV, Samsung DVD/HDD, a LiteOn DVD/HDD and a Toshiba DVD Player all connected at the same time and with spare connectors left over.

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