Record to DVD from cable tv and watch analog tv

  kfitz1 14:15 13 Sep 2007

I have a Sony Bravia with Freeview, a Sony DVD/Recorder and Virgin Media cable. It is linked together in the format from the Sony website. The TV has 6 AV channels, on channel 1 and 2 I can watch or record every station available, however, I cannot find a method to watch 1 channel and record another channel at the same time. I have tried analog watching with digital recording, plus digital watching and analog recording, plus switching from Av 1 to watch and record on Av 2. Probably an easy answer to this one, idea's please.

  holme 14:36 13 Sep 2007

This is a very common plea but, as I've said to others, I'm afraid it simply ain't possible to even have a stab at answering it without much more detail of your system, how it's connected up (i.e. which SCART socket on one unit to which SCART socket on another), and specifically what switch selections you're making. Sorry, but if we try to second-guess - and get it wrong - we could eaily make things worse, which doesn't help you.

Can you give the model numbers of the Sony Bravia (is that a TV, with internal Freeview?) and the DVD recorder (does that have Freeview, or an analogue TV tuner?) You mention a "format from the Sony website". Is that a connection diagram of some sort and, if so, can you provide a link to it?

I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by "the TV has 6 AV channels", are they perhaps analogue channels as well as digital Freeview? Nor am I sure what you mean by "channel 1 and 2". Is that BBC1 and BBC2, or is it maybe SCART socket (AV)1 and (AV)2? And I don't understand why you need to switch from AV1 to watch and AV2 to record. Maybe it's an odd, non-standard way of connecting Sony equipments, but from what you say, it sounds as if could be at the basis of your probs. Sorry if all this sounds in any way pernickety, but every scrap of extra info can greatly help.

  kfitz1 15:48 13 Sep 2007

Thanks for the reply, Scart times 3 set as follows TV1 to DVD (1tv) - TV2 to NTL box (tv) - DVD (3 decoder) to NTL (VCR). Main NTL cable connected to NTL box cable input. Further possible complication is the original aerial connected to the NTL box at (antenna) then this goes from the NTL box (tv) to a distribution box (aerial),this then goes from (tv1) to the DVD (in) and a further connection (tv2) goes to an additional aerial connection in the house. The DVD box out is connected to the TV aerial. Not sure if I can watch AV1 and record AV1 at the same time. TV is Sony Bravia KDL-40U2000, with freeview built in. DVD recorder is basic Sony RW/ +R recording RDR-GX120. I think the connection set up is okay this was obtained from click here then I specified the set up I was looking for. The TV has AV1 AV2 AV3 AV4 PC5 and HDMI6 settings. Normal analog channels are available, plus the digital freeview channels, on analog channel 6 I obtain 100 plus VirginNTL cable channels. Can you help with this??

  holme 16:30 13 Sep 2007

This is going to take some pretty deep digging!

But to give an initial response, I'm basing the following purely on an outline specification for the TV (Freeview and analogue tuners) and the DVD recorder (analogue *only* tuner).

On that basis, I think you can do either one of the following:

a) Watch one analogue or Freeview digital programme on the TV whilst, at the same time, record another *analogue-only* programme from the recorder's internal tuner. (To do the latter, simply select the DVD recorder's programme selector to whatever *analogue* channel you wish to record, e.g. Chan 3 for ITV1.)

b) Watch a selected Freeview digital channel on the TV whilst, at the same time, recording the *same* programme on the DVD recorder. To do that, you need to select the correct input on the recorder's channel selector, depending on which SCART socket is IN (from the TV). So if the SCART cable from the TV is connected to AV1 on the recorder, the channel selection is 'AV1' or, more often, just 'A1'. But this depends on how you've got the boxes connected up.

At this stage (much more checking required) I do not think you will be able to watch an analogue programme on the TV while, at the same time, recording a *Freeview digital* programme on the DVD recorder.

Note also that the video quality going out from the TV to the recorder will (I currently believe) be unavoidably limited to the lesser-quality 'composite video' standard, which doesn't do justice to DVD standards.

Note also that, once analogue is discontinued, with this setup you'll then be able to watch/record only the same Freeview digital channel.

Hope that's something to be going on with. I had a look at the general link you provided but that leads on to loads & loads of different options. To make it easier for us, can you give a link to the specific connectivity diagram for your setup. TIA.

  kfitz1 16:47 13 Sep 2007

Thank for the info I will recheck all my connections.The link is click here The problem with the Sony site is that it gives examples, however, I cannot find an NTL box the same as mine on the site, i.e. (tv) (antenna) plus scart for (VCR) and (TV) and a (cable input) that shows a connection to a standard 2 start tv and a DVD recorder.

  holme 17:17 13 Sep 2007

OK, I think we're getting warmer. :-)

I'm not at all familiar with the specification and capabilities of an NTL box but, if we assume it fulfils the same operating function as, say, a Sky digibox or a Freeview set top box, then the three boxes can be connected up in a series daisy-chain manner, rather than the unwieldy "one-big-circle" arrangement shown in that connectivity link.

This has the (IMHO) major advantages that:
a) you don't have to keep switching the inputs on the TV for watching NTL progs or DVD playback;
b) you can record higher-quality RGB video from the NTL box (that's assuming it can be configured to do so); c) it uses only two SCART cables, not three.

Just one query: Do you have any need to record from the Freeview digital tuner in the TV, or will recording from the NTL box meet your needs?

  holme 17:21 13 Sep 2007

Another query: (!)

Does the back of your NTL box look like this: click here

  kfitz1 18:35 13 Sep 2007

Thanks can you please confirm two Scart daisy chain set up. The NTL box is not the one you have viewed, it looks as follows from the rear.

(TV) (Antenna) (Cable input)

I can view from TV or Freeview digital or NTL channels at the moment, looking at the possibility of watching any channel and recording from one of the other's if possible. If not watch any one and record any one.

  kfitz1 18:38 13 Sep 2007

Sorry view typed in not clear on transfer of message. From the rear the view is left to right, TV - Antenna - VCR scart on top of TV scart and then Cable input

  holme 19:13 13 Sep 2007

"can you please confirm two Scart daisy chain set up"

Yes, but I need to email you a block diagram for the connections, with explanatory notes. All in PDF format. So maybe you could send me your email address please (via the yellow envelope).

The existing diagram/notes will need amending to suit your particular set-up, but we should be able to do that by or over the weekend.

It would enable you to view a TV prog (analogue or Freeview) whilst simultaneously recording either an NTL prog or a different *analogue* TV prog.

It would also be possible to view an NTL prog, whilst recording an *analogue* TV prog - but that would require the third SCART cable. (Maybe start with 2 and 'upgrade' to 3 if desired?)

If the recorder supports it (probably yes), you would be able to record from the NTL box, whilst simultaneously watching a prog you recorded earlier.

It will *not* be possible to view an NTL prog whilst simultaneously recording a Freeview prog.

  kfitz1 19:45 13 Sep 2007

e-mail sent via envelope. Once I receive the message I will check the two or three scart set up. Can the programs be watched/recorded once set?? I will try it and then let you know the results.

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