Recommended best digital camara and camcorder

  nerawan 21:19 20 Jul 2007

Hi guys. I want to go soon on holydays and want to buy a digital camara (around 130) and a camcorder (max £250).I'd like to hear opinions about what could be best.
Aside from that, I think the best format for a camcorder is one that record straight to D.V.D. Is it right?.Thanks

  hastelloy 11:33 21 Jul 2007

DV tape will give you better quality the DVD and will run for an hour at top quality as against 30 mins for a DVD.

  v1asco 09:00 29 Jul 2007

After much searching, probing and window shopping for a digital camera I came across the Fuji Z5 review.

So went out and bought it. I think the review was spot on.

Great camera and so handy. Didn't get the pink one though.

  v1asco 09:32 29 Jul 2007

sorry, posted this in your thread by mistake, yours prompted mine.

However, the camera is very compact.

In Dixons it is £126 for the silver model, Jessops £199.

I got mine from Boots, cost £150 including 1 gb card.

The true cost was £150 for the camera alone,but there is an advantage points offer of 1000 points on any fuji camera until 31 July At first they didn't credit me with 600 points for the camera cost but after querying they did. oh yes, the it was an extra 150 points for purchases over £20. This brought the camera price down to £133.

They have a 10% offer on memory cards and an extra 10% off camera equipment as I bought a camera, so although still more than the web, it brought prices down to an acceptable level for me.

Also, 30 free digital prints.

Hope that hasn't confused you, it took me ages to work it all out!

click here to go to PCA review.

Happy shooting


  v1asco 09:35 29 Jul 2007

"sorry, posted this in your thread by mistake, yours prompted mine."

Should have read

"sorry posted my thread in your thread by mistake"

I am now going for a cup of copy, its not my day for keyboard work.

  Danny z 10:34 19 Sep 2007

It seems that just about everybody has a digital camera these days. They can be found on computers, in cell phones, and even on key chains (not to mention the cameras that actually look like real cameras). With all of the advances that have been made in digital camera technology in recent years, it's no surprise that there are a number of different options facing the consumer.

The problem with having so many digital camera options is that unless you know what you're seeking, you might not be able to get the best camera for your money. In order to find the camera that's right for both you and your wallet, it's important to keep a few things in mind when you go shopping.

1. Know how much you're willing to spend on a camera before you go shopping.

2. See what sort of camera memory access your computer has. Digital cameras

detailsclick here

*Sourcingmap *Professional* * Solution*click here

  ^wave^ 17:57 19 Sep 2007

i have said this before but there are so many bargins out there i got a canon a640 for £149 pounds check out camerabox

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