Receiving Freesat with a Sky box?

  Daibus 11:54 15 Jun 2008

Is it possible to receive the new Freesat services from the BBC and ITV etc using an existing Sky box?

Many thanks.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 12:25 15 Jun 2008

You won't be able to receive ITV

  Daibus 12:29 15 Jun 2008

So if you have a Sky box installed how do you retune it to receive Freesat and can you still receive the output from Sky?


  tasslehoff burrfoot 12:35 15 Jun 2008

Firstly, apologies, I got a bit confused - you will be able to receive ITV, I was thinking HD.

I think both are transmitted from Astra, so no retuning/dish realignment should be necessary.

Are you having trouble with specific channels?

  Daibus 12:51 15 Jun 2008

Thank you for your replies.

At the moment I am receiving Sky channels including premium ones like Sky Movies etc, but was wondering if the receiver could be retuned to Freesat as well, I could for example be able to receive the HD broadcasts from the BBC and ITV and also possibly do away with my monthly payments to Sky.

Cheers again.

  belfman 13:23 15 Jun 2008

When you stop paying sky you'll still recieve the free channels. You don't do anything to the box.

  Daibus 13:50 15 Jun 2008

I just thought that with Freesat I would be able to receive BBC and ITV HD without having to pay a premium to Sky, so I therefore come back to the original question, that is it possible to receive Freesat with a Sky box as the two systems are apparently broadcast from the same satellite?

Many thanks again.

  anchor 14:50 15 Jun 2008

It appears that you will need new equipment. No subscription is required.

click here

  peter99co 16:47 15 Jun 2008

New Box but same Dish (scrap Sky)

  dms_05 09:54 16 Jun 2008

You can't receive 'freesat' on a Sky Digibox. 'freesat' is the EPG for the Freesat service now offered by the company of the name 'freesat'. In fact 'freesat' is only an EPG and ITV HD will only (initially?) be available through the 'freesat' EPG.

All normal standard definition (SD) channels available for free are equally viewable on three types of receivers: Sky, 'freesat logo boxes, and cheap FTA boxes. The only difference is the way you access the channels. Sky and 'freesat' have their own EPG, FTA receivers have no comparable EPG but still have a simple one built into the box.

HD is a little different. Sky has 18 HD channels and 17 need a Sky HD box and Sky subscription. 'freesat' hasn't any real HD content at this time, just test programmes from the BBC and very very few football games from ITV. You can buy a FTA HD box and watch the BBC channel but not the ITV HD channel.

In other words it's a complex decision and I'd wait 6 months until it's sorted out a bit more.

  Daibus 18:38 16 Jun 2008

Many thanks for your very concise reply - seems to answer my questions.

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