Reading comics on a digital photo frame?

  Trevor841 16:08 19 Dec 2008

Hi. Unfortunately, portable comic book readers do not yet exist so I was recommended to change the .cbr files to .rar files, open them with winrar and extract the .jpeg's into seperate folders for each comic then to use a digital photo frame to view the .jpeg's.

Sounding like a great idea, I went and bought a fairly expensive digital photo frame today (Sony S-Frame DPF-D70) but I have already ran into a few problems...

Basically, Because the device was not designed with this in mind, it does not seem to want to display the images in the correct order. The file names are...


...etc etc but the only options seem to be to sort by date or to set them to random.

The other problem is that, the device does not seem to recognize the folders and just displays every .jpeg from every folder at the same time, so even if I got them to display in the correct order, finding the comic you wish to read would still require a lot of skipping through the other comics to get there.

So, what I'm asking I guess, is - does anyone know of a digital photo frame which will be easier to navigate with reading comics in mind? As long as it recognizes the folders and displays the .jpeg's in the correct order, It should work perfectly.

Thanks for reading.


  Stuartli 23:33 19 Dec 2008

I have a digital photo frame and use it for displaying photos...:-)

The need to be able to read comics seems a bizarre reason for buying one - as you state, such devices were not designed with this in mind.

  Trevor841 00:55 20 Dec 2008

Perhaps, but surely the need for a digital photo frame that understands folders is not too much too ask for? What if someone has christmas images that they wish to cycle through only at christmas and so therefor makes a 'christmas pics' folder? If that seems more 'understandable' than the comic book reason then feel free to answer the q for that... Even a 'no' would be more helpful than simply calling my request stupid.

My q still stands... Does anyone know of a digital photo frame that allows you to organize pictures into folders?


  Stuartli 10:05 20 Dec 2008

>>Even a 'no' would be more helpful than simply calling my request stupid.>>

I didn't say any such thing, only that it was somewhat bizzare - two different things.

This is probably the type you are seeking:

click here

You can organise folders according to the information provided.


click here

  Trevor841 18:30 20 Dec 2008

Thank you kind sir. Those both seemed pretty good so I went into town in search of one of them. I didn't find them but because of your advice, I knew what to ask for and I got a 10.4 inch one which has full folder organization display. It displays the comics perfectly and in order and all the folders are accessible separately :)

Thanks again,


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