Re chargeable crv3 chargers anf batteries

  newearwax 17:00 16 Dec 2005

I find that the 4xAA batteries tend to lose their charge and am thinking of changing to 2x rechargeable crv3 lithiums because I understand they are superior. For about the same cost I can buy either a Uniross charger and batteries or a Hahnel. Has anyone an opinion on the reliabilty of either of these two makes or other recommendations? Is it true lithium ion batteries must not be charged on another manufacturer's charger because of posible damage?

  wiz-king 18:12 16 Dec 2005

I have been using Uniross chargers and cells for several years with no problems. I have at least four makes of NiCd and LiMH cells of various mAh rates and provided the same types are charged together and for the correct length of time they are ok. Do not mix types of cells or different capacity cells on the same charge and preferably have the charger on a timer so as not to overcharge the cells. LiMH are more lightly to be damaged by overcharging than NiCd.

  Stuartli 20:58 18 Dec 2005

Hahnel, along with Ansmann, is a highly regarded manufacturer of such products.

Ansmann especially is noted for the quality and range of such items, but is quite expensive as a result.

Both are German based but Hahnel also has a production plant in Cork, southern Ireland.

Nothing wrong with Uniross though along with others such as Rayovac, which produced the first fast battery charger capable of charging up a number of batteries to full capacity in just 15 minutes...:-) See:

click here

  newearwax 10:48 19 Dec 2005

Thanks for endoresment of both products. in my OP I wrote
//Is it true lithium ion batteries must not be charged on another manufacturer's charger because of posible damage?//

Are Hahnel products readily available in UK and else where in comparisson with Uniross. I believe in murphys- so wahat happens if you have a mishap etc with yout batts; are you lumbered? Are thet warnings sales hype?

  hssutton 11:30 19 Dec 2005

Having used Hahnel and Ansmann chargers for a few years I can endorse what Stuartli says. click here Hahnel @ £30 or click here
@ £17 not too sure of manufacturer.

As for your question regarding the question charging one makers batteries in anothers makers charger. I do this all the time when recharging my Canon BP- 511A Lithium Ion batteries.

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