Questions before buying a new TV

  Pineman100 15:30 18 Aug 2007

We're thinking of buying an LCD flat screen TV - probably 32". But before we search the market, I want to be sure that I understand the technology. So I hope you won't mind if I ask several (ignorant) questions!

1. Is an LCD TV a digital device? If so, will it accept the analogue output from my Sky Digibox, or do I need some other gizmo to allow this?
2. Does an LCD TV automatically contain an off-air digital receiver (eg: Freeview)?
3. What exactly does "HD Ready" mean? Does it mean that the TV will show HD broadcasts off-air?
4. My PC has Windows XP Media Center, a digital TV card with TV-out connector and an SVHS connector. Does that mean I can just connect it direct to an LCD TV and watch on the TV anything that would display on my computer monitor?
5. Finally, are there any pitfalls that I should watch out for, when buying this TV.

I'll be very grateful for any advice on this topic.

  laurie53 18:53 18 Aug 2007

Can answer the first one. both my Sky+ boxes plugged straight into my LCD TVs, using SCART of course.

I think most modern Tvs have Freeview built in.

  Stuartli 22:17 18 Aug 2007

You should look for the DigitalTV logo - it means that it has a Freeview tuner.

There will also be an analogue tuner to allow use with VCRs and similar analogue equipment.

However, you should watch out for offers of LCD sets that only have an analogue tuner (they are normally much cheaper) and will require a Freeview set top box to be added.

This is an example of such a set:

click here

You'll note that a Freeview STB is offered at a low price with it.

This link will answer most questions, including those on HD, about LCD and plasma TVs:

click here

  Pineman100 11:00 19 Aug 2007

... to you both.

Stuartli, that's a really useful link for general information.

  robbiepaul79 14:04 21 Aug 2007

Good information here im looking to get a new TV that wont break the bank as my last one went on the blink £300 max as an Xbox elite is tempting me

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