Query Scart Problem and DVD Recorders

  The Potter 21:33 02 Apr 2008

Hope I'm posting this in the right place! Want to check my thoughts with someone more knowledgable before I fork out any more money.

A few months back I brought a cheap DVD player from Argos which worked fine until this week. I can't get a picture now. When I click the input button the screen goes blank but doesn't show the players logo. I checked the scart lead, blew on all plugs and sockets, swapped them round and then gave up.

It was only a 99p job from Tesco so I went to Argos today and brought a gold plated one but it has made no differnce. I'm tempted to take the player back but I'm not convinced it is the players fault. I tried running the scart from the video to the tv and that didn't work either.

I' now thinking it is probably a problem with scart socket on the TV as the TV is old - what do you think?

If so I'm thinking of buying a new TV but also also need something that will record too. I then thought about getting a cheap DVD recorder but the only DVD RWs I can find are only have 120 minutes recording time, am I looking at the right thing.

Help please! I need to get this sorted tomorrow as my partner watches a daily meditation DVD and he's been without it for 2 days already.


  The Potter 22:41 02 Apr 2008

Solved the DVD problem - found a DVD Recorder/HD in another post for the same price I was going to pay for the Argos DVDR so that's sorted!

Still not sure if I need to go to the trouble of replacing my TV though?

  lofty29 15:25 03 Apr 2008

If you bought the dvd player from argos and have the reciept they will change without any hassle, you did not make clear if the the new dvd/hd was playing on your tv. Dont forget analogue tv is starting to get switched off this year so make sure the new one is didgital enabled

  The Potter 21:54 03 Apr 2008

Thanks Lofty. It was whilst getting the box out to prepare for returning the DVD to Argos that I found a lead with 3 plugs on each end. Managed to connect them up in all the right slots and BINGO! So must mean the scart on the TV is dead.

Hadn't actually brought the DVD/HD just saw it in another post.

I thought the analogue wasn't being switched off until 2012? That's when 'they' plan to bring digital to my part of the country even though I'm less than 50m from London! Even then I thought I just needed a new ariel?


  The Potter 22:03 03 Apr 2008

Just checked out the digital tv stuff on the BBC and as thought, I only need a freeview box. That DVD/HD had freeview so come the time, if I haven't replaced the TV I'll get one of them or something similar.

  lofty29 11:17 04 Apr 2008

Just a point, the potter, you will not get hd tv on your old set just because you have a hd freeview box or hd dvd/hdd, the switch-off of analogue is being staggered around the country starting this year, I should take the claims about the amount of hd programmes there are going to be with a pinch of salt, remember when colour first came in???

  The Potter 14:25 05 Apr 2008

Thanks for the tip Lofty. Think I've mis-used the acronym, my HD meant hard drive not high definition-sorry. And no, I don't remember when colour first came in.LOL!


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