PX820FWD printer and 5Mpix camera

  brindly 09:13 27 Jul 2011

I don't know if this is the right forum but I need a bit of advice. I have the epson PX820FWD all in one printer that prints out photos at 4800X4800, they appear to be top quality photos. I also have two 5MgPix cameras, NIKON and SONY, both in good condition and I am loath to replace them if a higher pixel camera will not let me produce better photos from my printer. Can anyone tell me if a higher resolution camera will give me better photos than from my 5Mgpix cameras.I have always believed it was down to the printer.

  onionskin 23:42 03 Sep 2011
  brindly 12:44 04 Sep 2011

Thank you onionskin, most interesting, however i took the plunge and bought a new NIKON 3100 SLR and boy is it great, much more detail so it was worth the price along with the extra lense. The printer is able to print very clear prints with the extra detail, so better photos.

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