PVR recording from Foxsat box

  tigertop2 16:55 02 Apr 2009

I have a Humax Freesat HD box connected to my Panasonic LZD85 TV. I get excellent HD and SD reception. Now I want to connect up my Humax 9200T PVR to record normal SD TV. It too previously worked perfectly with my original terrestial Freeview aerial. However I cannot seem to get it to work from the sat signal. I have tried connecting a scart from the Foxsat VCR to the 9200VCR scart connection. Humax tech support tell me it is not possible to get the 9200T to work off the Foxsat HD. I did not expect it to record HD but I thought it would be compatible with the SD TV sign from their satbox. Does anyone have a solution for this problem, ie is it possible to also connect the terrestial signal cable to the PVR and get around it that way? (I am a little wary of too much fiddling on connections with new kit.) Humax also imply that this is not possible but I am beginning to doubt their advice now as some of their responses are quite off the point despite several emails explaining what I want to do

I must admit I am surprised by Humax's categorical statement that their 9200 series PVR is not Maybe that is their way of pushing customers to buy their more expensive HD-PVR.

  Stuartli 18:42 02 Apr 2009

Freeview is Digital Terrestial Broadcasting and Freesat is via a satellite signal.

They are two separate entities and Humax is quite correct. It is most certainly not trying to lead you up the garden path as you appear to feel.

You would have to buy the only - to date- Freesat PVR which is, of course, Humax's own FOXSAT-HDR (PVR).

  Stuartli 18:44 02 Apr 2009

You must, more than likely, be aware that Panasonic's range of LCD and plasma TVs with their own built-in Freesat tuner, also include Freeview and analogue tuners.

That should tell you something..:-)

  tigertop2 21:31 02 Apr 2009

Thanks Stuartli. I found that by reconnecting the terrestial signal to the PVR9200T and with an input lead to the TV I can use the Humax to record as before. I have to select a different input channel from the sat input to record but that is not difficult. Wonder why Humax did not suggest that?. And I did ask them but they seemed intent on simply confirming in one liner replies that the Foxsat could not record and in 5 emails never mentioned the 9200T which I said was the problem. I did go back to them to say I had fixed the recording side.--let them work out what I did!

  Jim Thing 09:06 03 Apr 2009

"...let them work out what I did!"

It presumably won't take them long to work out that what you've done is to set it up exactly as Stuartli implied. If I've understood you correctly you now have your satellite Rx (Foxsat) getting its input signal from your dish, and your terrestrial Rx (9200T) getting its input signal from your terrestrial antenna. In effect they're two separate receiving systems feeding a common output device, namely your TV set. The output from the terrestrial (Freeview) system is the only one you can record with the 9200T.

That's what Humax will have been trying to tell you. Like Stuartli. I don't suspect for one moment that they're out to deceive you.

  tigertop2 10:03 03 Apr 2009

Jim Thing

Your absolutely right of course. Funny you should mention that as Humax are still asking how I got an SD signal on the PVR! I will spare their blushes by not copying all their responses to my original enquiry . The Humax products are very good and I would not hesitate to buy another but their customer contact leaves a lot to be desired.

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