program from dab to pc and burn to cd??

  mermaid25 09:39 15 Nov 2006

My husband has recorded some radio programs on the sd card on his evoke 3 DAB.
He has now got them onto the pc and wishes to put them onto cd.

He doesn't want to keep the whole program and would like to edit out the bits he doesn't want.

He has been looking on the web for some Free or cheap software to do this but is unsure what to get.

we are both novices to the pc and would appreciate some advice.

  Stuartli 16:15 15 Nov 2006

I've never used it but Audacity is highly regarded among those who need such software - it's also freeware:

click here

for latest version.

Details about Audacity at:

click here

  mermaid25 17:15 15 Nov 2006

many thanks, he had looked at Audacity, but I always like to check with 'The Advisors'!!!

  LaserSailor 13:09 16 Nov 2006

Take a look at Replay radio click here for recording stuff off the radio. I have used Replay A/V for a couple of years, it is really flexible and reliable. There is an MP3 splitter and joiner programme attached so that you can edit to your hearts (ears ?) content. There is a one-off subscription payment and it is well worth the investment.

I use it to record programs and copy them onto an MP3 player to listen to whilst commuting 3 hours a day.

I have no link or relationship with the company -it is just such a great product.

  mermaid25 16:20 16 Nov 2006

He uses the Evoke 3 Dab to record his radio progs on the SD card. so would this program convert radio programs he has already put on the pc?

  LaserSailor 08:39 20 Nov 2006

No - it is a "record off the PC" system.

  daveh01 13:12 20 Nov 2006

An alternative to consider for recording DAB radio programs to PC, then cutting and splitting prior to writing to CD, is the shareware program CDWave. (A Google search will give the link for download).
I first used CDWave a couple of years ago after it was recommended to me by a friend when I was converting my vinyl albums to CD.
(Neither of us has a commercial interest in the application. We've just used it and like it).
Now, I use it to record radio programs on my PC that I want to keep by connecting the output from the DAB radio to the PC soundcard input and running CDWave - it has a simple timer facility if you want to start and stop recording at particular times.
After recording as a .wav file, it's very simple to remove unwanted parts of the recording (e.g. before the beginning or after the end) and to split the remaining wave file into segments that will become CD tracks.
To write the resulting tracks to CD I use Nero (and by using Disk-At-Once recording mode, playback across 'splits' is seamless to the ear).

  Incony 20:55 20 Nov 2006

great stuff dave, i shall look into that soon. i am still old school.. laughs.. Minidisc. its main plus is it runs happily in my works van, using a cassette adaptor, I guess when those finally disappear then i will have to look at using CD. The station i listen to on DAB, doesnt reach me so i have to listen via the Web. Folks say that mindisc qaulity isnt brilliant but its damn better than MP3... is instant.. no messing about, since one can use it straight away, titles and splits etc all functional in one playable unit. I shall miss mine when i give it up, but it wont be till i can record direct to CD like i can MD or Cassette and use it straight away in my van... Perhaps Hard Disc or DVD writers will supercede CD players in vehicles?

  Incony 21:28 20 Nov 2006

If you have a TV DVD recorder, you can fool it into recording audio from DAB or wherever , ( or use the freeview stations).
You can intercept (or buy the correct scart socket with audio in and out inputs) and therefore record whatever Audio you like on a TV DVD recorder, providing your not interested in the screen channel its set to!. its no good for using in a car... but TV DVD recorder comes with edit facilities and a timer, and is ready go straight away.

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