Problems getting TV and Sky box to start up.

  Sapins 09:45 06 May 2007

I have a Mitsubishi TV connected to a Panasonic Digital Satellite Receiver Sky Digibox and a Liteon LVW-5045 HDD+DVD Recorder. When they are switched off , at night or for a long period during the day I cannot get into the Sky menu with All Programmes etc; all I get on the Tv screen are Black and White "broken up bars" sloping slightly down from left to right and jerking up and down as they scroll down the screen, sometimes you can detect the menu screen as it flashes on before the above and sometimes if I leave it alone it comes on as it should. Also on screen is AV1 in Red letters. It can also come at the first attempt and once everything is running there are no problems at all.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated as it is driving us potty!

  Sapins 11:14 06 May 2007


  Giant68 16:17 06 May 2007

Not sure about a solution to this but maybe you could post it here click here


  Sapins 20:24 06 May 2007

Thanks for the link, I have posted it there,



  BRYNIT 20:32 06 May 2007

If you have connected the sky box via a scart lead try removing and re-seating the lead. It could be a bad connection.

  Sapins 20:34 06 May 2007

Thanks I will try that in the morning when it probably won't come on.



  Sapins 09:53 07 May 2007

My wife beat me to it this morning and it started at the second attempt, I have just turned it off and on checking the scart plugs found the 2 on the PVR were not pushed right in the other scart plugs on the TV and Digibox seemed ok but I removed and re-connected them as well. Everything then started up as it should so it looks like a scart plug not in properly. I will have to check it tomorrow morning after it has been off overnight, I will post again to confirm start up is OK.

  Sapins 20:54 10 May 2007

Still the same I'm afraid:-(

  setecio 17:06 11 May 2007

It might be the sky cable input has become loose over time, where it connects into the sky box, or some of the other cables ?

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