Problem with Sony Handycam

  wrg 12:26 14 Jul 2007

I have a Sony Handycam PC105E PAL. It can transfer video by USB or Firewire. I cannot do firewire as my laptop does not have a firewire port. I have just purchased the laptop and am trying to transfer video via USB but it will not load the driver as I am using Vista, I have searched to Sony website and it says that the driver should be installed already with Vista. I cant find it. I can transfer photo's from the memory stick using their software but that is all. Has anyone any ideas.


  Roadgiant 10:41 15 Jul 2007

Have you thought about getting a laptop pcmcia firewire card to add firewire to your laptop?
If you do a search on google etc there are plenty of 2 port firewire cards for under a tenner.

  wrg 09:13 16 Jul 2007


Thanks for your response. Don't think I have a PCMIA slot.I do have a cardbus slot, I am assuming it is that. It currently is filled with a small rectangular piece of plastic.

  anchor 10:54 16 Jul 2007

Have a look here, (last item)- £7.63 including p/p.

click here

I expect the small plastic piece is just a blanking plate.

Cardbus is a newer standard than PCMIA, and is much faster.

  wrg 15:42 16 Jul 2007


Thanks very much for your response and link. Should all be ok now.

  grouse 22:55 28 Jul 2007

I have 2 VCR tapes full of a visit to New Zealand 5 years ago, since then I have learned to edit on a PC. I have began to transfer from the VCR to digital tape, I have connected my sony handycam DCR-HC42E and copied about 30 minutes,with no problems, after a break I went back to record more,but now keep getting the message that it cannot record due to copyright material, as far as I now I have not made any changes between the previous recording, any help would be appreciated.

  ICF 07:03 29 Jul 2007

What software are you using?

  grouse 20:53 03 Aug 2007

I sorted the problem I had to alter the A/V D/V out setting in the camcoder and it is working fine,
I recently changed editing software to Serif Movieplus 5, from Pure Motion Edit Studio, and I am happy with the change.......thanks

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