Problem with new DTR

  maco2078 20:24 06 Jun 2009

Hi, I would go to Gadgetspeak with this but am having problems signing in, anyway, I recently got a new Thomson TUTV DTR.

As some of you know I have had a series of problems with DTR's in recent months.

Anyway, this new one , when I record the pictures keeps stopping or freezes for a second and jumps.

It really ticked me off wilst trying to watch a recorded programme an hour ago,Im thinking of taking it back yet again whilst it is still under a 28 day guarantee.

I had a message saying once all recordings had finished to put the box in standby and it would download any new software that will help with any problems.

I only really want this box for recording purposes and not TUTV and yet they aim at getting you to purchase TUTV.

Anyone have any ideas for the best or should I return it?


  keverne 23:24 06 Jun 2009

If this box has two tuners allowing two simultaneous recordings:-

Does the stopping/freezing happen just as a another program starts to record or finish?

  keverne 23:43 06 Jun 2009

... or you doing something with the system?

  maco2078 06:56 07 Jun 2009

Hi, it does have twin tuners and no, I am not doing anything.

The other Thomson DTR I had was fine but suddenly the lights started flashing and could not get it to do anything, so in my haste I took it back and got a refund.

I returned and found out through Gadgetspeak that it wasn't just me but Thomson had their switchboard jammed with callers and apparently it was to do with some software they'd sent out, we were told to press some buttons on the damn thing (which are small anyway), well I think the majority of people did this action and it returned to normal, but others for some reason it wouldn't work.

I was a fool to buy it again I suppose but they were flogging them reduced from £75.00 to £49.95 and I had to make a snap decision as only two were left.

I tried to watch something last night and the whole viewing was spoiled by the continual jump, stopping and jerking.

I feel really inclined to take it back as I said.

  maco2078 06:57 07 Jun 2009

PS It happens all the way through, although it has happened with some not all previous recordings last night was the worst.

  maco2078 07:57 07 Jun 2009

Uh Oh, I thought I had already answered this???

The box does have two tuners and no there isn't anything I am doing to it.

Last night I had an whole hours recorded viewing spoiled by quick freezes, jumps and jerks.

I previously had a Thomson TUTV and returned it whilst still under guarantee because all the lights kept flashing.

I discovered on Gadgetspeak that hundreds were suffering from the same problem and Thomson's switchboard was jammed. It was something wrong with the software they had put out and everyone was instructed to keep pressing buttons or something, and most people did this and their problem was resolved but not for everyone it seems.

I was daft to buy another one because this DTR has had a lot of bad reviews but this box was reduced from £75.00 and in a nutshell I had to make a quick decision.

I feel inclined to return it to shop again as soon as poss.

It's not been right since I set it up.

  BRYNIT 11:47 07 Jun 2009

Have you checked for other possibilities for the fault?

How old is the cable from your aerial?

Although you may get a good reception most times, bad weather and old warn cable can cause a degraded signal.

  maco2078 11:55 07 Jun 2009

My TV picture is absolutely fine, anyway the issue is now over for me, I took it back to Tesco not long ago and got a refund, but thanks for all your help.


  anchor 13:26 07 Jun 2009

I think you were very wise to return it for a refund. Another thread where the user had problems:

click here

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