A problem with HDMI setup

  gipperp 14:12 06 Sep 2007

I seem to be having a problem connecting my DVD recorder to my LCD TV using HDMI cables. My DVD recorder is the Panasonic DMR-EX87 while the TV is a Toshiba Regza WLT68.

The manual suggests using a SCART lead as well as a HDMI cable to connect the two pieces of equipment and this seems to be backed up by posts I have read on this site. However, when I select the 'HDMI1' display setting on the TV (HDMI1 is the port I have plugged the DVD recorder into), there is no picture, just an alternating blue and green flashing screen. A picture can be obtained by choosing what I assume is the AV1 display setting.

What do I need to do in order to get the image over the HDMI connection? Any other info that you need to help can obviously be provided once I know what you need.

Many thanks in advance for your help...


  ambra4 16:01 06 Sep 2007

Can you change the output type on the DVD to HDMI

  gipperp 19:12 07 Sep 2007

I have checked through all of the menus and settings available and I cannot see an option for HDMI output. Interestingly, I have also got a Panasonic home cinema system (the SC-PT550EB) which is experiencing a similar problem. On this system, there is an option to check the HDMI status, which says that the HDMI cable is not connected - even though it plainly is connected between the port on the system and the port on the TV. None of the three HDMI cables I have register as connected with the system, so I feel it is unlikely that they are all duds.

  gipperp 20:17 09 Sep 2007

There isn't an option to do this, either via the HDMI menu, nor the general 'display' or 'picture' menus. All there is to choose from in the latter cases are 576i and 576p (I think its 576 off the top of my head, I am not sure but I think you get the picture)

  docchris 08:40 04 Oct 2007

I have a very similar problem using the panasonic home cinima sc-pt850 with HDMI upscaling connected to a Sony Bravia 40" LCD.

When I connect via HDMI I get no picture and sound even though I follow the format in the manual.

The HDMI is set to video on as required and the conection is through an HDMI lead from the box to the TV. Panasonic says that the scart should not be used and will be inactive when the HDMI is connected. However, if I plug the scart in I get a picture with sound only in analogue with no means of adjusting the resolution. Any ideas?

it sounds like the box is not activating the HDMI when I plug in the HDMI lead. I have thought that the new HDMI cable may be faulty or the box could be the problem. Does anybody have any more fundamental idea of how to get this working i.e. does the box need resetting if so how? are they compatable (they both do hd 720p and 1080i)?

Any help would be greatly recieved


  100andthirty 16:56 04 Oct 2007

On the TV, have you more than one HDMI input? If so try one of the others. if you need to stick to HDMI1 check it's not set to computer!

Read and double check manuals of both TV and DVD if my suggestion fails as I own neither of your devices

  docchris 23:16 04 Oct 2007

Thanks 100andthirty
I have tried using both the HDMI inputs in the TV (given as av6 and 7 on the Sony kdl40p2530)with no joy and both are labeled hdmi and hdmi2. I assume it would be labeled PC if it was set to that. Is this the case?

The manuals are next to useless saying if you don't get a picture in HDMI mode make sure the set box is on and connected (never!)

any other ideas, I'm starting to go slowly mad thinking about it.


  100andthirty 17:56 05 Oct 2007

I will have to admit to two things: 1) I own neither of these bits of kit so can't advise any further and 2) I've yet to use HDMI myself!!!

  docchris 22:24 05 Oct 2007

All sorted!

The very expensive lead I brought for the job was faulty or more likely he wrong type 17pin hdmi. Even though it said it was certified for hdmi it didnt work or have a great fit (bit loose). Cheap hdmi from asda = job done. Can't say i'm impressed with the HDMI picture though very marginal over the scart connection.


  postie24 22:34 07 Oct 2007

You will notice the difference if you watch a HD transmission tho.

  FatboySlim71 23:16 08 Oct 2007

If its only upscaling at 576i and 576p, like you say "Can't say i'm impressed with the HDMI picture though very marginal over the scart connection.

Then this is the reason why you are seeing only a marginal difference from the scart.

I have a Panasonic TX-32LXD700 LCD tv and a Panasonic DMR-EX85. I know when I first connected my equipment up I had to alter some settings in the DVD recorder's Setup menu/Connection/HDMI Settings, I chose in here Automatic, or I suppose you could choose 1080i. I know when I use my DVD recorder I get in the top corner of my tv screen HDMI 2 1080i. I have always been impressed with the extra picture quality over the standard scart connection when using the HDMI.

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