problem in capturing analogue video via converter

  abeb 17:32 21 Sep 2005

I purchased an phillips `save your tapes - burn them to dvd via a usb2 A/v converter. I cannot capture the video via the included software. the package comes with a DVD-RW drive, converter adaptor cable, and 2 x software discs: nero oem suite & philips digital convertor 1.0. Everything is connected correctly from my vcr via the composite connectors through the coverter(small rectangular box) to my pc via a usb2 cable. The instructions are very clear - press play on your vcr & record on the pc monitor showing a vertual TV screen. What should happen is the video pictures should replocate on that monitor simultaneously with whats showing on my tv monitor copy to my hard disc. This does not happen. Ive contacted both PC world-where I bought the package & also Philips direct with no success. I`m at my wits end. Can anybody outthere help me please?

  Monoux 17:49 21 Sep 2005

You may have to set your VCR to use Line out rather than get output from the usual Scart socket. This is normally the case if you are using composite cables to connect the VCR to the converter box.

  abeb 16:37 25 Sep 2005

my fire cables both 6 pin to 4 pin and 4 pin to 4 pin
does not recognise my camcorder. This problem had been intermittent in that it has recognized the camcorder only infrequently. My camcorder is a sony DCR -PC 55e with a docking station for plug ins for the usual connections. Can anybody advise?

  mfowen 15:01 31 Dec 2005

I have exactly the same problem - can you help please

  MichelleC 12:21 05 Jan 2006

XP is often having probs id'ing camcords. Try changing your firewire card driver (should have at least 2 generic). Also have a look round Sony's menu.

  GarySutherland 10:25 29 Jan 2006

I've the same hardware and am experiencing the same problem. As has already been mentioned, I think the problem is to do with the video recorder not outputting to the cable connection, or possibly a faulty SCART adapter.

I've successfully used the A/V converter and software to import video from a camcorder using the VHS-S socket but it doesn't work when I try the composite cable.

The video is broadcasting to the SCART socket as I can play tapes to the tv with no problem, but I suspect this might be a different set of pins to those that the converter is linked to.

Anyone had success with this yet?


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