Is this possible?

  Les 22:26 01 Oct 2006

My neighbour has a laptop and a desktop - he has broadband installed on both machines. He wants to know if there is any way of avoiding the purchase of a router but still be able to get his broadband active on both machines at the same time. Would the following work?

The USB lead from his modem into a Female A to Female A adaptor, a two or four way USB adaptor plugger into that. From that two Male A to Male A leads - one to the laptop, one to the desktop.

He does, at the moment, use both BUT only one at a time, simply moving the USB plug to one or other of the computers. Sounds a but convoluted but then, that's him!

  grumpy old git™ 23:08 01 Oct 2006

I don't think those methods would work.

If both machines have a network connection. Then a simple rj45 crossover cable should link both machines. You should then be able to use the internet on both machines at the same time.

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  Les 23:36 01 Oct 2006

Like your handle - I can't believe that it is accurate! - on the other hand I could sometimes be mistaken for Victor Meldrew.

Thanks for the answer but I think that I'll pass as it's more than likely that I'd be making a rod for my own back!8-)) He's a fiddler so he is often in trouble! Thanks again.

  sean-278262 00:49 02 Oct 2006

An RJ45 will be cheaper than a USB option. It is possible however you need a special USB cable and if the systems are far appart then its even harder to do and would add even more expense. The USB cables often cost 3 or 4 times that of an RJ45. I got one on dabs a few weeks ago I think I paid less than £8 for 30m. Its dropped in price now

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  Les 08:04 02 Oct 2006

Thanks for the info - I'll pass it on to him - though, in view of his reputation, this may be unwise as he is a dabbler with no conmputer savvy! Nevertheless, thanks.

  jack 12:21 02 Oct 2006

I'm not sure what an rj45 is as suggested by GoG

But it seems to me that a 2 modem to phone cables and a simple doubler on the socket would do it too.
Its like having another 'phone' thats all

  ade.h 15:04 02 Oct 2006

An RJ45 is the IEEE code for the connector that is used on Ethernet cables, as well as the corresponding socket. It is sometimes used loosely to refer to the cables themselves.

You cannot use two ADSL modems together - they will contend as soon as the second modem attempts to establish the ADSL line, even before an ISP connection is attempted.

  ade.h 15:04 02 Oct 2006

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You need to use ICS and a Cat5 crossover cable.

  Les 19:26 02 Oct 2006

He has a 5 year computer, made by a friend and it doesn't have an ethernet socket - yet.

What is ICS?

I have drawn out a diagrm for him of how the USB connection on the modem could be connected to Female to Female Connecter, this connected to a twin USB sockey adaptor, from there there would be male to male cables -oee to the laptop - the other to the desktop. I wonder if that would work for him as he is reluctant to delve inside the computer now that it is working OK. Do you think that the Broadband split two ways by this means would result in a weakening of the signal - or, in fact, work at all?

What he is doing at the moment is detaching the modem USB cable from the desktop and then connecting to the Laptop by means of a female to male USB cable - it is his wish to have both connected so that his son can surf the net whilst he does the same.

If it is too comlicated a job I have no doubt that he will firget this wish.

  Les 19:29 02 Oct 2006

Tchh! diagrm ---> Diagram. Sickey - > socket

My eyesight isn't as good as what it used to be when I was much younger - and I am a two finger typist! 8-))

  DieSse 19:39 02 Oct 2006

Do you think that the Broadband split two ways by this means would result in a weakening of the signal - or, in fact, work at all?

It wouldn't work at all - you simply can't do that sort of thing. You may well damage the USB chips in each computer, too. USB splitters are for allowing two devices to share one USB port - not the other way round.

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