Portable TVs and Digital

  Severn Bore 15:33 26 Nov 2007

Does anyone know what the effect of losing the analogue TV signal will be on all of the portable TVs around? It is impossible to get a decent digital signal from a portable (set top) aerial at present. Does this mean that all of those small TVs in bedrooms, kitchens, caravans, etc will become redundant?

  oresome 16:33 26 Nov 2007

No, it just means that you will need a better aerial for each location.

Alternatively, have one outside aerial disributed around the house.

  laurie53 19:53 26 Nov 2007

Most of the small TVs in bedrooms, kitchens caravans etc. are not digital anyway, so no matter how good the aerial you'll get no signal

When portable analogues first came out they had much better signal processing circuitry, so the they could produce a watchable picture with a set top aerial.

One assumes early portable digitals will go down the same road.

  Stuartli 12:02 27 Nov 2007

Strange viewpoint...:-)

You can use a Freeview set top box to continue to watch TV programmes after the analogue signal is shut down in your particular area (the digital signals will be very much stronger after the changeover).

A neat alternative is to use a Freeview receiver which fits into the Scart socket of a television set. See:

click here

for an example. Matalan stock a similar product from Bush.


click here

for two low cost portable TV aerials that are highly recommended even with today's low strength digital transmissions.

  anskyber 08:56 28 Nov 2007

I think laurie53 is pointing out, quite correctly, that the previous poster was answering the question by suggesting that only an aerial upgrade would be required, so it's not strange but correct.

You have pointed out very helpfully that there is a solution, get a digibox or similar.

I wonder in fact whether Severn Bore can help us here because he has said "It is impossible to get a decent digital signal from a portable (set top) aerial at present" which could be read as the portable(s) in question do have a digital tuner(s) so a better aerial would in fact help.

  v1asco 09:54 28 Nov 2007

In my area, Cardiff, I get decent signals for digital boxes from my original indoor aerials.

I suggest it just varies from area to area.

  Stuartli 13:26 28 Nov 2007

Yes, but the response also gave the impression (as you have rightly noted) that any portable analogue TVs would be useless after the switchover which is, of course, incorrect.

  anskyber 14:42 28 Nov 2007

I agree.

  Severn Bore 16:44 28 Nov 2007

Thanks for all of the contributions so far. I should have made my question clearer. I referred to portable TVs as they are the most likely to rely on indoor aerials. In many areas the digital signal is insufficiently strong to enable the use of indoor aerials. The signal here in Gloucestershire can vary depending upon what obstructions are in the way.At present indoor aerials are usually able to pick up analogue signals so my concern was that unless there is a sufficient boost to the current digital signal strength I could foresee many portables and other TVs relying on indoor aerials not being able to take advantage of a digibox and becoming useless.

  anskyber 17:08 28 Nov 2007

Yes, without a doubt, reasonable signal strength will be an issue.

There is an unscientific rule of thumb which is something like if you can get Ch 5 on analogue then you should get digital.

  Stuartli 23:41 28 Nov 2007


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